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Re: [FH] Cat food Delima!  Adult/Kitt en Food Combo ????????????? ???

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi (sorry I don t know your name), ... Both cats...actually, all cats, with very few exceptions...need the same nutrients. Cats are obligate carnivores, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2007
      Hi (sorry I don't know your name),

      In a message dated 6/26/07 11:04:31 AM, txncowgirl4loving@... writes:

      > I have 2 cats, one 10 - 12 week Old kitten and one 2 1/2 yr old
      > female...  Currently they are on a blended mixture:  Whiska's Delight
      > (Chelsey the 2 1/2 yr old was on that) and Meow Mix Kitten(BlackJack-
      > BJ, the kitten was on that)....  They eat out of the same dishes.... 
      > What kind of canned food can I give them that will let both get the
      > required nutrients they need?
      Both cats...actually, all cats, with very few exceptions...need the same
      nutrients. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must obtain required
      nutrients from animal flesh. Thruout their entire evolution, cats have been
      specialized meat-eaters...and their entire bodies are geared to eat prey animals.
      That means cats do best on a food that comes closest to approximating the
      animal proteins and fats cats eat in the wild. This automatically eliminates all
      dry food, which is made with a hefty proportion of plants, incl grains, and many
      canned foods, which are made with poor-quality ingredients that don't provide
      required nutrients. I'm sorry to say that both Whiskas and Meow Mix do not
      provide quality sources of required nutrients.

      Some canned brands that do a reasonable job of meeting a cat's nutritional
      needs incl: Wellness, www.oldmotherhubbard.com; Nature's Variety,
      www.naturesvariety.com; By Nature Organics, www.bynaturepetfoods.com; PetGuard,
      www.petguard.com; Felidae, www.canidae.com; and Eagle Pack, www.eaglepack.com.

      What's diff. with kittens is that they need more energy. So the way to
      provide more energy is to feed more often and more volume. Kitten foods are usually
      no diff. in nutritional profile than adult foods...and those that are are only
      marginally higher in colories and protein, but sometimes with undesirable
      ingredients. There's a chart at Max's House that shows the energy requirements
      for little ones. See www.maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.htm . The calories can
      be spread out over like 4-6 meals per day, if possible.

      A 10 wk old need about 113 calories per lb body weight per day. So...assuming
      that the kitten is an average 2-3 lbs (based on 1 lb per month of age),
      that's 225-340 calories. Most quality canned cat foods are *about* 30-35 calories
      per oz. So that's *about* 7.5-10 oz. I know that seems like a lot, but kittens
      can eat prodigious amts of food. Our kitten was eating 12-15 oz of quality
      canned daily, plus prey. There's a chart with calorie contents of commercial
      foods here: http://geocities.com/jmpeerson .

      Some sources of information on feline nutrition incl:

      1. http://home.earthlink.net/~jacm2/id1.html
      2. www.catinfo.org
      3. www.maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.htm
      4. http://www.damnynke.com/diabetes_&_obesity.htm
      5. www.advancepetfood.com.au/nutrition
      6. ww.drsfostersmith.com/general.cfm?siteid=0&gid=74&ref=2066&subref=AN

      // Rosemary

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