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Re: [FH] Li Li's gone

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  • Penny Branham
    Linda, Just got your message from this post. My email scrambles my deliveries time wise sometimes. You have a great attitude and contribute much to the group.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2007
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      Just got your message from this post. My email scrambles my deliveries time wise sometimes.

      You have a great attitude and contribute much to the group. I am glad you will be 'hanging around', so to speak.

      I am attaching a poem I found on that wonderful site, www.tallyville.com
      I am sure it will bring tears to your eyes, as it does mine every time I read it. But what a wonderful way to sum up the love we have for our kitties.

      Have a Purrrfect Day!!!

      Penny, Angel Snowball, MamaCat, Ghost Ghost, Little Red & The Fantastic Ferals

      Timbysmommy <timbysmommy@...> wrote:
      Dear Penny,

      Thank you so much for your messages. I too was hoping that she would stay here a little longer, partly because I love being with her but mostly because I wanted her to have a little more life--I was hoping she would make it a year but it was not to be. Her first birthday would have been in early August most likely. But I am grateful for the time we had and I know I loved her to bits and spoiled her completely!! In the last week, she was eating off my finger because she did not want the plate. That was a special memory for me.

      Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts and everything. I really want to stay in touch with all the wonderful people I have come to know.

      Love and hugs,

      Linda and Angel Li Li

      Penny Branham <pennybranham@...> wrote:
      Oh Linda,

      I am so very sorry. I was so hoping that little LiLi would be able to grace this side of the Bridge a little longer. My heart goes out to you. Thank God you were her mommy and she got the very best love and care possible. You made her last days joyful and full of love and life. What a wonderful gift to give. We need more cat mommies like you.

      You will be in my special thoughts and prayers in the next few days. Hugs and love your way, and just know that LiLi is in a better place and knows how much you love her.

      Penny and Angel Snowball

      timbysmommy <timbysmommy@...> wrote:
      It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you all that Li Li died
      at 11:20 pm Sunday, June 24 at home. It was a clot and it was very
      quick. By the time I got to her I was with her for maybe a few seconds
      before she went limp. She had gone into a bit of distress about an hour
      earlier, but with some oxygen and a lasix, her resps were coming down.
      She was also crying a little from time to time which really concerned
      me. She ate and played with cats and then had just settled into her cat
      tree when she fell off of it and down the stairs. By the time I got
      down the stairs, she was almost gone. She died right after in my arms.
      At 3pm today her resps were 30 and she had had a fantastic week. I know
      with clots that is the way it happens, but if someone told me this
      morning that she would die today I would not have believed it. I am
      really glad that she ate and played almost until the moment of her
      death, and that we got to spend the whole day with her. I am still in
      complete shock. The vet hospital is holding her until we can make the
      arrangements for cremation. I want to thank all of you for the advice,
      prayers, and good wishes. I could not have done this without the
      support of the people here. We knew this day was coming but I had hoped
      it would come a little later. But I am very grateful that a shelter cat
      got to live in a house with cats and people and a lot of love. The
      thing I dread the most is telling the others--the woman who adopted her
      to me, my mom, my vet.

      It hurts--I miss my baby.

      Linda and Angel Li Li

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