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Re: [FH] OT - Kitty Wound - Advice, Please!

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  • Penny Branham
    Rebecca, This happened to me about every three months when my toms were alive. Though neutered and brothers, they still fought occasionally. It happened so
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      This happened to me about every three months when my toms were alive. Though neutered and brothers, they still fought occasionally.

      It happened so frequently my vet trusted my diagnosis and would give me a bottle of antibiotic at a call's notice. They can get very ill with these, and yes, you are right, it is an abcess. Cat saliva (this is gross) will start to rot things from the inside out.

      I alwasy cleaned it with peroxide as best I could (squeeze the wound if you can to make sure all the pus is out) try to get it as open as possible. I ground up penicillin (amoxicillin or whatever-cillin) and dusted it directly in the wound. Then I would give the critter an oral dose of antibiotic, depending on the severity of the wound and where it was located. If it was in a rather open area and the cat was not running a fever yet, I would just apply ground up anitibiotic directly to the wound. The cat gets some orally by licking and it immediately starts to kill the infection. IF there is a fever or present or one comes on, then oral antibiotic is necessary as well.

      Your vet may not go for the direct application to the wound, however, it never hurt any of my cats and it seemed like it sped up the healing/drying/closing process by about 100%. My vet said it was fine and I was having really good success.

      Hope this helps.

      Penny and Angel Snowball

      Rebecca <kita71@...> wrote:
      I will probably post this on a few other boards, so if you see
      multiples, I apologize!

      I came home today, and noticed that my 16 yo kitty, Gizmo*, had a
      really gross, pus-filled wound (about the size of my pinky nail). I
      don't know how he got it, but I assume that it is from a fight with
      Apollo (which concerns me greatly, because I've never had any of my
      cats injure each other, but that is a whole other issue). I cleaned
      it out with peroxide, and it looks like a puncture wound - a hole in
      the kitty! :-( It is draining a little now, but it's clear fluid
      with a tinge of blood - not smelly viscous yellow goop.

      I called the vet's office (spoke to the tech who answered the phone)
      and she scheduled us for tomorrow morning at 9:30. I asked if there
      was anything I should do, and she said to just clean it out. I took
      some pictures, which I will post (temporarily) under "Gizmo's wound"
      in the pictures section, but they didn't come out too well.

      I've never had anything like this happen before in 16 yrs of having
      kitties (!!) and am probably over-reacting. He seems fine, isn't
      limping and just asked for a second helping of dinner. (he bangs the
      cupboard door to let me know!). Any thoughts or advice, anyone?
      Should I take him to the ER? Should I give him some Clavomox or
      other antibiotic? (I have extra bottles on hand). Should I be doing
      anything else? All input appreciated.


      Rebecca and Goopy Giz

      *Giz has a number of issues and takes several meds (Atenolol,
      Amlodipine, and right now, Predisone). He also gets subQs 3x week for

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