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Re: Annapurrna query, worried mom

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  • jamander33
    It is totally understandable why you are so worried. Do not apologize, that is why we are here. You know my cat, Griffin did the same thing awhile back, only
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29, 2007
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      It is totally understandable why you are so worried. Do not
      apologize, that is why we are here. You know my cat, Griffin did the
      same thing awhile back, only without the mucus. But, he did run
      about the house a bit and lost a small amount of control of his back
      legs for a moment. And, then he ultimately lost control of his
      bladder too. He righted himself fairly quickly though, however he
      still went for a vet visit. She listened to him and everything
      sounded normal, or as normal as it can with a heart kitty. His back
      legs and paw pads looked and felt normal and she had a normal bp in
      both of them. In his case, she did not suspect a stroke and he has
      not had an episode like that since. How are her back legs now? Is
      she still wobbly? Are the paw pads warm and is the coloring good? My
      personal opinion is that it was the atenelol that brought the
      episode on with my Griffin. It was shortly after we started it that
      it happened and we did take him off of it. It was causing all sorts
      of complications for him. Please let us know what your vet says!
      Thinking and praying for you and Anna, Amanda and Griffin
      > Dear All,
      > I'm just waiting for the vet to call me. Anna woke me this
      morning retching some white froth, this happens occasionally which
      we usually put down to her early crf.
      > Anyhow, in the middle of retching she suddenly started flying
      around the rooms in a frenzy, believe me she is still fairly
      lethargic and this was terrifying to see. I ran to her to hold her
      and stop her hurting herself, her back legs were not coping with the
      frenzied running they were wobbling and she lost control of her
      bladder just as I reached her.
      > She threw her head back and came out with a raspy dry sounding
      cough which produced clear liquid and white froth. She did sit and
      calm but I could hear a lot of mucus which seemed to be caught in
      the back of her throat and nose. Her resp rate was okay as she
      calmed about 22 to 24, she has had abdominal breathing for the last
      18 months, which was more laboured while this went on.
      > She settled and slept still sounding wheezy, this morning she
      was up and about with no difficulty, but off her food
      understandably.No real wheezing as such and her resps were 20 at
      > She has eaten some chicken this afternoon, but is lethargic,
      either sitting in sternal recumbency or curled up on her side. This
      isnt unusual but I can tell she's more whacked and quiet than
      normal. Her sight which has been coming and going isnt so good but
      her pupils are reacting to daylight.
      > I did notice last night and saturday that her pupils were
      overall more dilated and yesterday evening she had had another bout
      of pacing and restlessness for an hour so, I was already concerned
      about her Bp,
      > She takes 0.0625mg of amlodipine which I have never been happy
      with she has been a lot weaker and conked on it all round. she
      initially had the higher dose which brought her completely to her
      > She still has a gallup rythmn which has increased to 220 or
      higher from 200 at rest and a murmur albeit I havent found out yet
      what grade. This is secondary to her hyperT.
      > My feeling was that she started to choke on the mucus she
      couldnt clear and went into a bit of a panic of sorts, it looked
      like an adrenaline surge, something similar happened with choking
      six weeks ago on very thick rubbery mucus she couldnt expel but she
      didnt dash around or lose control of her bladder then.
      > I'm just worried it might have been a small heart attack or
      stroke instead, I'm not sure of the presentation and wether this
      would fit,
      > Sorry to yaw on so, I'm just very concerend for Anna she has
      already been through so much,
      > Many hugs for listening,
      > Best Wishes
      > Helen
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