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Commercial Pet food (was KMR products not on recall per company)

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  • nala nala
    Just want to mention that from what I have read, US supplier or US sourced doesn t really mean anything. The two companies currently in question for
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      Just want to mention that from what I have read, "US
      supplier" or "US sourced" doesn't really mean
      anything. The two companies currently in question for
      reselling product purchased from China are US
      suppliers. A company could say that their ingredient
      was "sourced" in the US when purchased from a US
      supplier. Furthermore, just because the ingredient
      didn't come from one of the two US companies currently
      being investigated, it doesn't mean that other
      suppliers aren't also importing adulterated
      ingredients from China, India, countries of the former
      Soviet Union or other places where oversight might be
      lacking or corruption is prevalent.

      I think the important information to have is the
      country of origin of a particular ingredient.
      However, that information may be something that the
      pet food distributors who have given up manufacturing
      control of their product to a contractor may not have
      ready access to.

      Perhaps most important question has become whether or
      not a companies products are being routinely tested
      for melamine and melamine related compounds such as
      cyanuric acid and if not, why not, and when will they
      start? Tests for quality control could be anything --
      it could be a "taste" test, it could be a
      protein/fat/mineral contetn test, it could test for E.
      coli, Salmonella, and aflatoxin. It is unlikely that
      it would be a test for melamine unless it is a test
      that was just recently instituted.



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      > This rumor has been floating around...
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      > Subject: [FIVCats2] Fwd: FW: KMR products not on
      > recall per company.
      > Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 03:22:48 +0000
      > From: judi polanowski [mailto:jpolanowski@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 9:41 AM
      > To: info@...
      > Subject: KMR
      > Hello [name removed for privacy]
      > Thanks for your concern about KMR and the recall
      > issue. I can assure you that
      > the milk replacer KMR either in liquid or powder
      > form do not contain any of the
      > recalled ingredients. Our KMR 2nd Step does contain
      > rice protein concentrate,
      > but it is NOT on the recall list. We do not buy
      > ingredients from China. All of
      > our rice protein comes from US suppliers. If you
      > know of any location pulling
      > our products I would appreciate being informed so I
      > can contact them and explain
      > it is not necessary to pull anything. A scare like
      > this can cause undue panic.
      > PetAg has notified all of our distributors that our
      > products are not on the
      > recall list. I don't know what filters down to
      > individual stores. Rest assured
      > that if we did have a problem we would be taking
      > care of any recall immediately.
      > If you have any further questions or concerns,
      > please feel free to either email
      > me directly or call the toll free phone number
      > Judi Polanowski
      > Technical Services Assistant
      > PetAg, Inc.
      > 1-800-323-0877 ext 2241
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