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EVO marketing (wasCATCARE: The Truth (maybe) about Wellness Canned)

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Sara, ... They are using supplement there more in the sense of complement. They don t mean literally that the food is necessary to complete the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2007
      Hi Sara,

      In a message dated 5/2/07 9:22:50 AM, sara5266@... writes:

      > This is the statement from their website that threw me off -
      > "EVO is the perfect supplement to raw and homemade diets.
      They are using "supplement" there more in the sense of "complement." They
      don't mean literally that the food is necessary to complete the nutrition of a
      raw or homemade diet, altho they would certainly like you to think that. It is
      basically a meaningless marketing statement. Any food can be used in rotation
      with a homemade fresh-food diet...and there is nothing "perfect" about EVO in
      terms of feline nutrition.

      > Or, as an alternative when this type of preparation may not be convenient
      > or possible."
      That's can be said of any food. You could say Wellness or Friskies or a
      rodent is an "alternative" when homemade food is not possible.

      > It doesnt exactly say its safe to use alone
      Foods that are not nutritionally complete according to AAFCO guidelines have
      to say that. That's not what the statement is talking about.

      > , mention "supplementing" a raw diet or using when raw isnt possible?
      Natura Pet is trying to forge a connection in the buyer's mind between EVO
      and raw food...so that caregivers who think raw is "healthy" but who don't have
      the time or skill to prepare it will turn to EVO instead. That is just
      nonsense. // Rosemary

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