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OT: a letter from Cozette who read AnnaP's note

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  • nala nala
    I don t understand why my meowmy keeps crying when she reads letters from the nice people here. I know that sometimes when I can t breathe very well my meowmy
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29 12:20 PM
      I don't understand why my meowmy keeps crying when she
      reads letters from the nice people here. I know that
      when I can't breathe very well my meowmy gets very
      Sometimes I cough at night and my lungs squeak so I go
      to my meowmy and look at her with big eyes and then
      cries and gets me some more medicine. I don't want the
      I just want the petting, but meowmy says it will make
      me feel better. So far she is right, but I still
      don't like it very much.

      Meowmy also cried the other day. But I did a good job
      drinking from the bathroom sink! Maybe it was because
      when I was done drinking I took a step off the vanity
      and fell between
      the vanity and the toilet. I got scared and hid
      under the couch, but I think I scared meowmy more than
      I am a very brave little kitty.

      Sometimes my meowmy stays up all night with me
      because I don't feel very good. She keeps giving me
      medicine and she looks at her watch and at me. I
      know what she is doing but she likes to count.

      I don't always like getting my medicine, so sometimes
      spit it out. My meowmy starts counting and then
      asks me whether or not I spit some of it out. I never
      her! I hide the medicine very well so that she cannot
      find it.
      It is fun to watch her look for it. Maybe I will
      quit spitting
      out my medicine, so I don't have to have even more
      but I like my meowmy to stay up with me.

      Today, I had a very good day. Meowmy took me outside
      on my leash and I walked around the patio and then
      settled down to rest. My sister came outside too. My
      sister is always trying to wash my bottom and groom my
      head. I told her that she should wash my head first,
      then my bottom! If she doesn't do it that way I try
      bite her ears.

      I felt good enough to play today. I also ate food all
      by myself. My meowmy didn't have to feed it to me from
      her hand. I have
      been training her to do that for me. I know that she
      gets very
      tired making sure I get enough to eat and drink and
      that I take all of my medicines. She also said
      about a recall. I don't know what that is, but it
      means that
      I keep getting to try all kinds of new foods. I don't
      like most
      of them.

      We have some new medicines now. I hope that they can
      help me with my breathing so that I can play some
      I'm not ready to go on the trip that makes my meowmy
      She told me that I have other kitty and doggy friends
      and that it will be a very nice place. My meowmy told
      that she will help me decide when it is time. She
      told me so,
      and I trust her to help me.



      ps meowmy hopes everyone is doing well and says that
      she hopes you understand why she is spending less time
      with you and your kitties so that she can spend more
      with me.

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