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Re: [feline-heart] Boo Boo's (5-6 yrs old)heart and kidney problems

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  • Miguel &Linda Irrgang
    Hi Anyes, Thx so much for listening...have a lovely Saturday. Linda and Pum
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 28, 2000
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      Hi Anyes,
      Thx so much for listening...have a lovely Saturday.

      Linda and Pum

      Anyes Moscrip wrote:

      > Miguel &Linda Irrgang wrote:
      > > How long was Lucie on diltiazem? Was she on any other meds? I'm sorry that I keep
      > > asking so many questions. Tonite the Chilean vet came to take Pum's blood
      > > pressure but brought earphones that had the wrong size "plug", didn't bring the
      > > part you strap onto the leg, this is also the same vet (who teaches at the best
      > > vet school in this country) who told me that Pum had a tumor and would need chemo
      > > and it turned out (thk god) that he had nothing more than too many skin folds bec
      > > he's too chunky....I'm sorry, I just get frustrated and feel that it's really
      > > just me and Pum trying to get it all figured out and if it weren't for this group
      > > I'd have no one to send me back info and replies.
      > >
      > > Sorry I'm just ventilating...it gets frustrating.
      > >
      > > Thx again for responding.
      > > Linda
      > Linda, no need to apologize. I would be terrified in your place with no local source
      > of good information.
      > Lucie was on diltiazem for 6 months, from the day of the ultrasound to her death.
      > She started getting spironolactone 4 1/2 months later for fluid build up from the
      > subq's (for crf). The last week of her life, her blood pressure was up again and the
      > diltiazem was not enough. We redid bp, crf blood panels and all the checks. Her vet
      > decided to add Atenolol to her routine, but she died the day we started it. She only
      > got one pill of it and died an hour later. Her kidneys had been going downhill
      > during the previous 2 weeks after being given cyproheptadine in addition to
      > diltiazem. She had a reaction within the hour and never totally recovered.
      > Just a reminder to every one, never ever use cyproheptadine (periactin) appetite
      > stimulant with any calcium channel blockers. This is a no-no. Referrence is in
      > Donald Plumb's book of medications if your vet needs it.
      > Anyes, angel Lucie, Georgina and Angelica
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