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Re: oxygen, hawthorn, nattokinase, taurine, fish oils, vitamin e, and ASPIRIN?????? - lisa

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    Thank you Lisa, Yes, I finally found some adverse warnings about Hawthorne on the web today. That and foxglove and elderberry. Although I was giving him only
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2007
      Thank you Lisa,

      Yes, I finally found some adverse warnings about Hawthorne on the web today. That and foxglove and elderberry. Although I was giving him only about 10% of a capsule for a few days, I WAS planning on slowly increasing it! But not no more!

      Thanks for the info on netto. Sounds as a wonderful sub for nasty aspirin!

      Regarding the oxygen - Wolfy is/was in CHF, now stabilized, who knows for how long. So far, I'm gathering that the long term damage (barring a clot) from this cardiomyopathy is damage to the organs and body, caused by oxygen depletion over time. So, I'm thinking that regular daily or weekly (or whatever is determined safe) treatments would be a way to avoid this long term damage. Does this sound factually accurate at all?

      Thanks again,
      Angel & Wolfy

      Hi Angel and Wolfy,

      Welcome to the list, though I'm sorry you had to join us!

      It can be very difficult at times to get a proper diagnosis for a heart kitty, which is why we recommend that the kitty be seen by a feline cardiologist as soon as possible, wherever possible. General medicine vets can't know everything, and a cardiologist is much more likely to be familiar with the latest studies, meds and current treatment protocols.

      As for your questions -- I wouldn't mess around with hawthorn berry, particularly if Wolfy is taking any allopathic meds for his heart. Aside from the kidneys, hawthorn can have an unpredictable effect on a *damaged* heart -- it's allegedly safe for cats/humans with normal hearts.

      Natto has two actions -- first, it is supposed to be mildly fibrolytic, meaning it dissolves existing clots. Secondly, it is supposed to also have an anticoagulant effect, preventing clots from forming in the first place. Aspirin, in terms of preventing clots, is nearly useless in a cat. Cats can't metabolize aspirin effectively, and to get the dose of aspirin you need to prevent clotting in a cat is dangerous for them. I used Natto with my late Baby Boy, and I now use it on my Lilly. It doesn't have any action that I know of on the heart itself. I personally think supplements are bound to do a lot *better* than aspirin, but aside from aspirin and supplements there are other options. Plavix is one, as are injectable low-molecular weight heparins.

      The problem is there is not one single treatment which can completely eliminate the risk of a clot. Clotting happens because of blood stasis in the heart -- the heart isn't working right, blood doesn't flow as it should and clots form. Some cats are more susceptible to them than others, and nobody is 100% sure why that is. All you can do is try to prevent them.

      As for taurine, other than to say you need to be sure your kitties are getting enough, no matter what diet they're on, I couldn't say but we have several people on the list who know a lot about the subject and I'm sure they'll be responding.

      I used oxygen to treat Baby Boy when his CHF was very bad, but this was a care and comfort measure for him. Lilly, who is currently asymptomatic, doesn't need it. Is Wolfy in CHF or were you thinking of using it as a preventative measure?

      Again, welcome!


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