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  • dwntwngrl2
    Hi Jeanine and All, Jeanine, welcome, we ve met before. I just found this group as well. I m still praying for your little one. its nice to see you on this
    Message 1 of 78 , Feb 28, 2007
      Hi Jeanine and All,

      Jeanine, welcome, we've met before. I just found this group as well.
      I'm still praying for your little one. its nice to see you on this forum.

      To All, Hi, I have a 7 yr old male, brown tabby and white named Buddy,
      just diagnosed Feb 12 with HCM. This is all new to me, although I've
      had cats all my life I have never had one with heart disease. Its been
      so hard, at first I didn't even want to leave the house at all,
      leaving him alone, I didn't know what to think and was so upset,
      crying non stop for days, I guess everyone has been there.
      Since Feb 12, Buddy has been to the vet a couple of times, and a
      cardiologist just this morning (for which I thank this group-been
      reading the files first)
      He seems stabilised on Lasix and Fortekor, low dose aspirin twice a
      week. His energy is pretty good most of the time. His breathings a bit
      fast so he also started atenolol today.

      Does anyone have any other suggestions re supplements or diet or
      anything else?

      Also his teeth need cleaning, thats out of the question via the vet
      now, does anyone know of natural means to clean the teeth and keep
      bacteria under control?
      Also looking for some herbs that would help support his kidneys as I
      hear the lasix can be hard on them.

      Any help or ideas would be so greatly appreciated. This is a great
      group and I'm glad to have found you. Kirsten

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "spitmcgee1" <spitmcgee1@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > My beloved Spit McGee was diagnoised with Severe HCM and Congestive
      > Heart Failure in November (he threw a blood clot - Saddle
      > Thrombosis)......He is currently doing well.....Thank God!......but I
      > was wondering if everything that can be done is being done.
      > He is onl Enapril
      > Lasix
      > 1/4 baby asprin (2 x per week)
      > 1/4 Plavix
      > Tummal K (Potassium).........
      > Spit has always had UTI issues and is on Vet. prescribed cat food to
      > control that problem.
      > Spitty is the love of my life - my best friend. He is a healthy, happy
      > cat and everyone (his regular Vet) is just blown away by this
      > diagnoisis....no warning.
      > Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Jeanine
    • Dana Michelle
      Deb: Sorry to hear you and your little boy have to deal with HCM. I know it s a devastating diagnosis, and everyone here has felt that panic of not knowing
      Message 78 of 78 , Sep 8, 2013
        Sorry to hear you and your little boy have to deal with HCM.  I know it's a devastating diagnosis, and everyone here has felt that panic of not knowing how long you have.  My Tink was diagnosed when he was probably 11 years old, after a heart murmur was found during an exam. He wasn't placed on any medication for it until this year, when his blood pressure elevated and required Atenolol for treatment. The only other related medication he has been on is methimazole for hyperthyroidism.  He is also on a tiny dose of prednisone for arthritis issues (it's a terrible drug for a heart kitty, if there was a choice, but in his case it's a matter of quality of life over quantity of life...he's miserable without that medication).  

        Over the years, we've had a couple of echocardiograms done, but it stresses him and I haven't kept repeating it. He has had more EKGs, even as recently as the beginning of this year, and a few years ago he needed a dental done, but the cardiologist read his EKG and said it was not safe to put him under anesthesia. His heart disease is obviously progressing based on the EKGs, but we've been very very VERY lucky overall.  Now for the good news. My sweet little snuggle bug celebrated his 21st birthday in April. We know his actual birthday within a 3-day window, as he was "7 to 10 days old" per the vet, when we found him and his sister abandoned and sick in a drainage ditch on the side of the road.  I bottle fed him, and he's my baby boy. :)   I really don't remember which year he was diagnosed, but it was close to the time his sister died from cancer, and they were just over 11 years old when she passed.  Somewhere around 10 years we've been aware of the HCM, and he is still with me.  I know we've been incredibly lucky, and I feel so blessed to still have him with me.  

        Try to enjoy every day you have with your boy. None of us know how long we have, but sometimes we get very lucky, and get to spend more time with our babies. Keep an eye out for the warning signs that things are progressing and medical attention is required, but otherwise just enjoy your boy. :)  I tend to "lurk" on the list for the most part, but there are SO many helpful people here. If you have questions, just ask. This wonderful group has been GREAT support over the years, and I can't say enough wonderful things about these people. 

        I hope you have many, many more wonderful years with your little boy! :)  
        Dana and Tink (who is napping in the sunshine, stretched out on his giant cushion in the bay window) 
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