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Re: Help with Stomatitis

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  • Rebecca
    I keep forgetting that the response on this group defaults to sender. So, I sent this response to Leslie, and hopefully, it will be helpful for her. I just
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 19, 2007
      I keep forgetting that the response on this group defaults to sender.
      So, I sent this response to Leslie, and hopefully, it will be helpful
      for her. I just figured that this could be helpful info for others,
      as well. The dental issue is a challenge with our heart kitties,
      given anesthesia risks, anyway.

      (On that point, Apollo has been wonderfully tolerant of the addition
      of toothbrushing to his daily routine :-)

      ANYWAY, my response re the questions in this post (with additions)

      My 16 yo kitty, Gizmo, had terrible stomatitis. It looked so bad that
      he was biopsied because the vet was concerned he had a cancerous
      growth. I tried all of the meds, vitamin B shots, Slippery Elm and
      bovine lactoferrin. He had two surgeries, removed a few teeth,etc. I
      put off the full mouth extraction for a long time because it seemed so
      radical (and quite expensive). We exhausted the options and finally
      went ahead and did the full extractions. It took four hours, and I
      fed him through a tube in his neck for the first few days....

      Note: I'm told that even leaving one or two teeth can keep the disease
      going. It is also important to make sure that the extractions are
      total---pieces of tooth remaining in the gum can keep it going too.

      I was told that there was a chance that it wouldn't work, esp with a
      case as bad as his, but we got a 90% cure and a 200% happier kitty.
      (Although he recently developed hyper-T and just went in for I-131

      If only I could do it over again, I would have had ALL of the
      extractions done early on. (This was a lesson I've taken to heart
      though---if there is a chance for a cure, I'll just DO IT, if at all
      possible, rather than fiddling around with medications, etc).

      (Unfortunately we can't cure Apollo's AS, though. :-(

      Take care,

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Leslie Lawther"
      <LeslieLawther@...> wrote:
      > *Someone in our group has a lovely cat (negative for FIV and FeLV) with
      > terrible Stomatitis. He has had his teeth pulled (except canines)
      and she
      > said his poor mouth looks like ground beef. She is very
      concerned... and to
      > make things worse, this boy who's favorite pastime is eating, is now
      > refusing food. The vet put him on Pred. Zithromax and Interferon
      > yesterday... however he didn't seem to hold out much help. I was hoping
      > there was some other ideas out there. I have never (KNOCK ON WOOD)
      had this
      > affliction in any of our rescues... so I'm at a loss with regard to
      what to
      > suggest. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated... we're really worried
      > about this little guy. It would seem like something like OraGel
      could be
      > used to reduce pain?? *
      > --
      > Leslie =^..^=
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      > patch, or an improved social condition - that is to have succeeded.
      > only one life breathed easier because you lived - that is success.
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