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Re: [FH] new member and newly diagnosed with severe hcm

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Hi, Welcome to the group. For all the discussion on depo-medrol, here s the NIH page - http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/medmaster/a601157.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2007

      Welcome to the group.

      For all the discussion on depo-medrol, here's the NIH page -

      Steroids can be a problem. It seems here that maybe her system was able to
      hold back the effects of HCM but it would have come out sooner or later
      regardless of the injection.

      Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a scary thing but it is only a *symptom*
      of heart disease and not a disease by itself. In some cats, it's relatively
      easy to control if you get the cat on the proper medications. What you
      experienced with her recovery is not uncommon.

      Proper medications include a diuretic (e.g. lasix) along with medications to
      control the workload on the heart. Those include ace-inhibitors (e.g.
      enalapril), beta-blockers (e.g. atenolol) or calcium-channel blockers.
      Giving a diuretic by itself is not good. The vet that initially diagnosed
      my girl prescribed just that but I found this group and it was suggested
      that I go to a veterinary cardiologist. He performed an echocardiogram
      (ECG - aka sonogram of the heart). That gave him more information on her
      condition so he could prescribe the proper meds.

      During the months following her diagnosis, her condition did change and her
      medication did need to be adjusted. She went into CHF a couple times but
      over time I got better at seeing the subtle signs that it was coming on.

      There are other things that can help her including a good-quality canned
      food diet and supplements such as CoQ10.

      If you go to the Yahoo group web site, there are some good references there.
      In the Links section are links to sites where you can search for a
      cardiologist. In the Files section is a document with questions to ask your
      vet (3rd item from the bottom)

      How is she doing today? And please post your name & hers!

      Sue & Pepper

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      Subject: [FH] new member and newly diagnosed with severe hcm

      > My husband and I were completely devastated to find out our almost 5
      > year old Himalayan baby has HCM. It's awful. She was a perfectly
      > normal cat. So loving, cuddly, vocal, playful and just freaking
      > adorable. Then she got a rash on her spine and come to find out
      > after a vet visit she had a very allergic reacion to a flea bite. No
      > fleas found on her. She got a shot of depomedrol and things changed
      > from then forward. We thought for the first couple of days she just
      > had an attitude from us bringing her to the vet because she was still
      > very active and playing with our other cat and seemed otherwise
      > normal besides her attitude. But a week later she basically stopped
      > eating and drinking all together. She was so lethargic she wouldn't
      > move and when you picked her up and put her down she'd collapse. Long
      > story short they said the shot could have put her over the edge. That
      > she had HCM all along but was just not symptomatic. My question is
      > what is the treatment you all are getting for your precious felines.
      > We took ours to a cardiologist and he said studies have shown that
      > just being on lasix is the best treatment, that all other medications
      > have showed no value. But all the research I've found shows other
      > medications should be used. Mind you he diagnosed her as in the
      > severe stage and was in congestive heart failure. But he also said
      > cats with HCM can go into and come out of congestive heart failure
      > with adjusting the lasix. After only 2 1/2 days of being on lasix she
      > is completely different. Eating like a pig and cuddling again. Still
      > rapid breathing at times, but otherwise taking a much needed turn for
      > the better....Thank God. Please help me with more questions I should
      > ask my vet and what other medications your precious kitties with
      > severe HCM are on and if they're working.
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