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  • Voula Augerinos
    Hi Jonathan, I loved what you wrote about faith as a way of dealing with death. You know the past year since dealing with the illnesses and losses of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2001
      Hi Jonathan,
      I loved what you wrote about faith as a way of dealing with death. You
      know the past year since dealing with the illnesses and losses of my Pebbles
      and Sachie, and finding my Lucy the way I did, has been a profound one for
      me in terms of faith. My faith has been deepened. My fears have also
      deepened in one way, but in another way, other fears have lessened. I can't
      put all of this into one e-mail, but a lot has changed for me. I am now in
      the process of sorting out the changes, processing them, trying to come to
      terms with them. It seems my twenties and thirties which were the decades in
      which I had Pebbles and Sachie were a time of great struggle in many many
      ways. Pebbles and Sachie got me through some of the hardest times of my
      life. The past couple of years, things have been falling into place, a new
      clarity has emerged, more inner Peace. And my girls have moved on to the
      next phase of their journey. What helps me is seeing this bigger picture. It
      is a form of faith. That there is a greater wisdom and purpose at work here,
      than merely a terrible illness which took my girls. In a way it all connects
      too with the loss of my mother when I was young. My mother died of cancer. A
      sudden appearing, quickly progressing form of cancer. Just like my girls.
      But this time around, it will not defeat me in the ways it did when I lost
      my mother. My Pebbles and my Sachie were Angels sent to me to help me heal.
      And my Lucy was sent by Pebbles and Sachie to be with me. She is my gift for
      the love I gave to my older girls. And underlying all of this is my mother,
      my pain at losing her and the love we shared. I know she sent my girls, and
      particularly I feel this very strongly about Sachie. And of course Lucy. The
      connection between Lucy and Sachie continues to amaze me to this day. Their
      mannerisms, habits, personality, so similar. My faith now tells me that life
      continues, that the physical body is a shell, a vehicle, but the soul
      Of course I would feel agony again at another loss. That is normal. But
      underlying it all, I have a knowledge now that death is not the end.
      Love, Voula.

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      Date: Wednesday, 20 June 2001 3:48
      Subject: RE: [feline-heart] dealing with anxiety

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      >> Subject: [feline-heart] dealing with anxiety
      >> Today has been a not so good day...not for the Widgie but for me.
      >> How do you all deal with the anxiety of not knowing what may happen?
      >> . . . How do you do it?
      >I know just how you feel. When our boy Tabby was diagnosed with
      >cancer 2 years ago, I pretty much went into shock. I felt as if I were
      >walking underwater & doing anything was a struggle. I was anxious pretty
      >much all of the time, sometimes almost paralyzed with fear. He lived 4
      >months after the diagnosis & I was essentially in constant anxiety during
      >those 4 months.
      >Then we adopted Lynx, a very old cat with severe heart problems. Worst of
      >all, he threw several clots over a 2 month period. The more research I
      >the more frightened I became. I was terrified that he would throw a severe
      >clot when I was not home. (BTW: Lynx lived for 8.5 months, finally
      >succumbing to cancer ... but he didn't rhrow any further clots).
      >So, what have a I learned about dealing with this kind of anxiety? Bear
      >with me now ...
      >I honestly believe that dealing with issues like death requires "faith" of
      >some kind. I'm not a religious person & I won't try to peddle you any
      >particular set of beliefs or spirituality. But I think that you need to
      >search for the "faith" or "belief system" or form of spirituality that
      >for you. Let's face it, death is universal, yet science (in which I am a
      >big believer) will never answer our deepest questions about life & death.
      >That leaves spirituality as our only avenue.
      >I suggest that this is the right time for you to start a search for "your
      >faith", regardless of wehat form it takes. If you were brought up in a
      >particular religion, that could be a place to start. If not, you might try
      >speaking to friends that you believe have strong faiths. Or you might try
      >reading some of the books available that deal very directly with death &
      >surrounding issues.
      >Well, I hope this was helpful.
      >> z
      >Tabby (RB), Lynx (RB), Licorice, Tigger, Jet
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