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Re: [FH] My cat Jake

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  • nkrzyzan@wi.rr.com
    Hi Nick, I m so sorry to hear about the loss of Jake. What a shocking and tragic thing. I recently found out that my 13 year old, also named Jake, has HCM.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2007
      Hi Nick,

      I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Jake. What a shocking and
      tragic thing. I recently found out that my 13 year old, also named
      Jake, has HCM. Luckily, we have him on medication and he is managing
      ok for now.

      I understand the grief that you are going through, though. My other
      kitty, Buttercup, died suddenly right before the new year. While she
      died of a different cause, chronic renal failure, it was something
      that also happened very fast (or at least from my point of view). The
      day after Christmas she was very lethargic, her eyes were dull, and
      she smelled bad. We took her to the vet and they kept her for two
      days, but when nothing was working we had to make the difficult
      decision to put her to sleep.

      It was heart-wrenching, because I did not know anything about CRF, but
      as I read more about the disease I saw symptoms that she had been
      displaying but that I didn't recognize. I chalked too many things up
      to her getting older (she was 16). I also felt that if I had caught
      these things sooner, I could have somehow saved her.

      But after many tears, I now realize that maybe it happened this way
      for a reason. Maybe she hid her disease from us because she didn't
      want us to worry, and didn't want to have to go through the treatments
      that managing this disease would require. She seemed to suffer
      little, and her life was only different for a couple of days. Maybe
      your Jake wanted the same thing and that's why he didn't show you the
      problem. Cats are so mysterious and hide their illnesses, and you
      can't blame yourself.

      Jake is waiting for you and your wife at the rainbow bridge - he is
      free of pain now and you did the most humane thing you could by ending
      his suffering. He appreciates you for it.

      Take care,

      Nikki and Jake (and angel Buttercup)

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      From: nmwanw <nmwanw@...>
      Date: Sunday, February 18, 2007 10:54 am
      Subject: [FH] My cat Jake
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com

      > Hi
      > This time last week my 7 year old cat Jake was perfectly healthy.
      > On
      > Tuesday he was off his food and we put it down to a stomach upset.
      > By
      > Thursday he still off his food but drinking some water and was
      > purring.
      > This lead me to believe he was getting better.
      > On Saturday morning I took him to the vet and she recommended he
      > stay
      > in for the weekend so she could run some tests. Midday I got a
      > call to
      > say he had HCM but was told to remain optimistic. He was
      > dehydrated but
      > the vet thought that once she had hydrated him we could anaylse
      > his
      > condition and plan the necessary treatment.
      > I was shocked that he may only have a few months to live and
      > wondering
      > how I should tell my wife when she go home from work. At 5pm the
      > vet
      > called again to say his condition had worsened and that he was in
      > severe distress. She asked for my permission to put him to sleep,
      > which
      > I gave.
      > My wife Andrea and I are totally destroyed. I can't understand how
      > such
      > an energetic and playful cat can deteriate so quickly. I'm
      > wondering if
      > we had taken him to the vet sooner, would he still be with us? I
      > never
      > even got to say goodbye to him.
      > The vet said that he had already developed a number of clots on
      > his
      > heart. Could these of developed over the last few days?
      > I think the stress of taking him to the vet may have sent him over
      > the
      > edge but there was absolutely no indication he had a life
      > threatening
      > condition before he went off his food. Even then, we just thought
      > he
      > was under the weather.
      > We both feel we totally let him down when he needed us. His
      > brother is
      > from the same litter so I think I better get him checked out. It
      > seems
      > the condition is genetic.
      > Nick
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