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Remembering my Pebbles

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Today is my Pebbles two month anniversary since she passed. I am thinking of my girl, my irreplaceable Pebbles, my most Magnificent one. In 1983, I had moved
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2001
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      Today is my Pebbles two month anniversary since she passed. I am thinking of my girl, my irreplaceable Pebbles, my most Magnificent one.
      In 1983, I had moved out of home with my sister. We missed our old family cat Ginger, and we missed having a cat in our lives. So a friend who lived in the apartment block told us a friend of his had forty cats, and there were sure to be kittens available to go to good homes. He said he would pick a kitten for us. It was my sister's birthday that month and so our friend brought us Pebbles for my sister's birthday. My sister and I thought up names and we decided on Pebbles. We chose her name before we saw her.
      When I first saw Pebbles, oh she was so tiny, I said to my sister, "She's cute, but I don't think I would love another cat as much as Ginger". My sister said, "That's a horrible thing to say!". It turned out to be the stupidest statement I have ever made, and will ever make!
      Maybe Pebbles understood my words, because she seemed to lean more towards sleeping with my sister, but then again, she only started sleeping more with my sister when she got her new waterbed! Pebbles always loved a life of comfort and luxury!
      Pebbles was so tiny when she came to us, that she did not know how to eat on her own yet. We had to teach her, and did she learn! Her appetite for food is legendary! And her howling for food will never be forgotten. It will always ring in my ears!
      She also was probably the worst behaved little rascal of a kitten ever! She drove us to madness almost! Hahahaha!
      She had no road sense either. When we were stupid enough to let her go outdoors, a couple of times we found her having a little nap in the middle of the road. It was like she owned the world and (it was a quiet street, but still I would never let my cats out now, the stupidity of youth I suppose!) An encounter with a car (not a scratch on Pebbles!) woke us up and Pebbles became an indoor cat when she was five years of age. She adjusted well to indoor living. Sachie took longer to adjust to indoor life.
      Pebbles was always a touch "overweight" although I liked to use the word "voluptuous", far more flattering I thought! The vet would always be saying we should put Pebbles on a diet. "Pebbles on a diet! Do you know what you are suggesting! Impossible! She would eat us alive if we cut down on her food!" The vet would laugh thinking we were weak owners! He didn't know Pebbles like we knew Pebbles.
      Pebbles was a grumpy cat, but the sweetest and gentlest cat you could find. She had no interest in fighting other cats. Especially when Sachie came to us in 1986, Pebbles retired from any house or territory protecting duties, not that she ever cared anyway, and relegated these tasks to Sachie, who was a fierce protector of our home!
      After my sister got married and moved away in 1993, it took Pebbles five years to forgive her! She would not even look at my sister when she visited. Sachie on the other hand, would race to greet my sister when she came to visit, all excited and as if to say "Where have you been? I've missed you!" Pebbles on the other hand would make my sister beg for Pebbles' attention! It was so funny! When Sachie came, she was my girl from the start and Sachie slept with me and Pebbles slept with my sister. When my sister went away for weekends, then Pebbles would grace me with her presence in my bed with Sachie.
      My favourite time of day after I moved into my own place after my sister got married was at night when I got into bed with my girls. Pebbles on my right, Sachie on my left. I would go to sleep cuddling Pebbles (because Sachie slept further down on the bed) and I would wake up cuddling Sachie (who had moved up closer during the night, and Pebbles moved further down on the bed on my right). It was like a dance they had worked out. Equal time and love for both. It was always that way. I loved both my girls equally. What one got, the other got, always.
      Pebbles and Sachie were like the yin and the yang, opposites in almost every way. But the yin needs the yang, and so when my most Beautiful one Sachie passed, it would not be long before Pebbles would leave too. They will always be together. It was fated. It will always be that way. And in my heart I knew it when my Sachie passed. People would say to me, "Oh cats, they are adaptable. Pebbles will be alright. She will adapt". No. I knew the love they shared. I knew that Pebbles also loved me deeply too. She stayed as long as she did for me. And if her body was younger and had less health problems, she could have stayed a lot longer after we lost our Sachie. Pebbles and I developed such a bond, such a trust, we were as one. My life's purpose in the past four years was her. To keep her well, to do my best for her.
      Pebbles had started off more as my sister's cat, helped as I said by the waterbed which was so comfy! But she became my girl, like my Sachie. At the end, when I laid her body to rest, I noticed my sister stepped back, and let my hands be the last to touch our girl.....

      In memory of my Pebbles. I will never see another of her kind again. I feel her often in our home. Her presence, her spirit, as in life, is so amazingly strong. Words will never express the bond we have, the bond we will always have. She was one of a kind. She was my Pebbles.

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