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RE: [FH] Nattokinase

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  • Cannon,Kimberly
    They sell this brad at vitamin Shoppe s all over the united states . ... From: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com [mailto:feline-heart@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of
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      They sell this brad at vitamin Shoppe's all over the united states .

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      From: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com [mailto:feline-heart@yahoogroups.com]On
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      Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 9:38 AM
      To: Linda Fischbach; feline-heart@yahoogroups.com; Leah Ferron
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      hi linda.....roger rags was diagnosed with severe hcm
      in january of 2005, and he was at tremendous risk for
      throwing clots.....i included natto in his regimen
      from the very beginning, and i like to think that he
      lived until november of 2005 without ever having
      developed any sign of clots, thanks to its
      inclusion.....i researched it to a fare thee well and
      settled on the *nutricology* brand (same company as
      *allergy research group*, but *arg* sells to medical
      practitioners only, whereas *nutricology's* products
      are available to the public)......it is important to
      consider that they are one of the few companies
      producing natto that remove the naturally occuring
      vitamin k (a coagulant) from their product......the
      best source i found was from the link i'm including
      here......since there isn't (or wasn't then) much info
      about dosage for cats, i gave him a 36mg gelcap (very
      cat-size-friendly) every 8 hours just to be sure that
      he always had some in his
      system.....http: <system.....http://www.advnut.com/nutricology.htm>
      advantage nutrition's prices are (were at the time)
      very competitive, and i ordered the 300 count
      bottles.....the trade name is *nattozyme*, and just be
      sure that you get the small gels.....i found the folks
      at *allergy research/nutricology* in emeryville,
      california very willing to answer my questions about
      natto in general, so you might check in with
      them......hope you find this helpful......all best,

      --- Linda Fischbach < fischbl@earthlink. <mailto:fischbl%40earthlink.net>
      net> wrote:

      > My husband had a mild stroke in December. He's back
      > to normal (he was
      > lucky), but I've been reading everything I can to
      > help him avoid another
      > stroke.
      > One thing I found was Nattokinase, which can clear
      > blood clots in a few
      > hours, and helps keep blood clots from forming. I
      > wonder if this has any
      > use for cats?
      > Linda

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    • fountainlites2
      After reading some of the posts on here regarding Nattokinase I have gotten the impression some people are not administering it daily but rather are keeping it
      Message 56 of 56 , Jun 3
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        After reading some of the posts on here regarding Nattokinase I have gotten the impression some people are not administering it daily but rather are keeping it on hand in case of a clot.

        Romeo was participating in the on going  study by Dr. Michelle on Nattokinase.  I stopped participating in the study when Romeo did not take to the Nattokinase well at all.  I switched to Bulouke (Lumbrokinase) which is stronger than nattokinase.  I used Canada RNA Buluoke and Romeo never had another clot.

        I would just like people to know that when Dr. Michelle's cat had thrown another clot she had not started the nattokinase on him yet.  WHEN HE CLOTTED SHE HAD TO FORCE DOWN HIS THROAT OVER 27 NATTOKINASE PILLS IN A 10 MINUTE PERIOD.

        So PLEASE BE AWARE...IF YOU ARE USING nattokinase it should be given everyday...DONT WAIT FOR A CLOT!!!!! YOU MAY NOT GET AS LUCKY AS DR. MICHELLE IN CLEARING THE CLOT...AND HOW UNCOMFORTABLE IT HAD TO HAVE BEEN FOR HER CAT TO HAVE OVER 27 nattokinase pills shoved down his throat.

        I personally recommend lumbrokinase (Buluoke) over nattokinase daily

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