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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Bev, Personally, after dealing with heart disease for a couple of years, I would definitely want to get a heart murmur cat on drugs early on. Just my opinion.
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      Personally, after dealing with heart disease for a couple of years, I would
      definitely want to get a heart murmur cat on drugs early on. Just my

      It's an excellent idea to do a telephone consult with the cardiologists at
      the vet school. There are very few cardiologists in the country and there
      are people on this list who do just that. A few months ago, I was speaking
      with the cardiology intern at the clinic where I take Pepper. She said that
      she was interviewing for a residency position. She mentioned that there are
      only 9 residency spots in the entire country this year. No wonder there are
      so few cardiologists.

      My Pepper has asthma. Because it's triggered by food allergies, I don't
      have to medicate her. But I have learned a lot by being on the Feline
      Asthma & Bronchitis list. Note that I've heard good things about the Feline
      Asthma Inhaled Medicine group also.


      Asthma is most often diagnosed by x-rays. The x-rays show small circles, or
      donuts in the lung area. It's uncommon for the circles not to show up but
      it does happen. I never heard anything about it being age-related. If the
      asthma does not show up on an x-ray, the next thing to validate a diagnosis
      is to treat it short-term with something like prednisone or prednisolone.
      If the coughing / wheezing stops, then they usually consider the diagnosis

      Congratulations to your vet for knowing the correct way to treat asthma.
      Inhaled steroids are so much better than oral. The oral steroids like
      prednisone have very bad effects on the system over the long term. They
      depress the immune system and can cause problems like obesity and diabetes.
      Inhaled steroids (e.g. flovent and albuterol) go right to the problem spot.
      They can be administered with an AeroKat

      AeroKat description -
      Link to buy one - https://ourinformation.net/Store/index.html

      Absolutely the best resource on the internet for feline asthma is at Fritz
      the Brave http://www.fritzthebrave.com They have a few videos links from
      their home page showing a typical asthma attack and how to administer
      inhaled medications.

      All the best to you and your kitty.


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      > Thank you both so much for sharing with me the experience you've gained,
      sadly because of having to live with this horrible disease daily..
      > Having been on this list for several months...I knew, a murmur was a wake
      up call...and yet when the cardio told me not to rush over...I didn't think
      fast enough to explore his reasons, other than what he told me, which
      was..there was nothing he could do to stop the progression.
      > Since he is the only vet. cardio here...even though he is young...and has
      only been here since July...I would like to feel he is competent. I know my
      option is to just take my kitty over there and have him do an echo. I
      wonder if even if he saw something, if he would begin to treat it right
      > I know from yours and others experience the murmur was the beginning of
      treatment. Like you said...no one knows if it helps to start early.
      > I do have an idea though. We have two vet schools several hours
      away...they both have cardio's there. I am going to call them on
      Monday..and ask their opinion...perhaps going there would be more
      > I would like to hear from those who have cats with asthma...my cat is
      about 8 and he told me..normally x-ray doesn't tell anything but on an older
      cat it probably would. He talked about a inhalant using a mask that can be
      found on the internet..instead of the prenisone they use to use. I didn't
      question him any further about it..as I know I can call him any time.
      > As far as my kittens AVblock..He did tell me to take him back to my reg.
      vet in 3-4 months and have him do another ECG and to compare it to the would
      done this week. His equipment isn't as fine tuned as the cardio's...but
      would be okay for that comparison. He made pretty light of it...as I
      said...I would like to have faith in him and his dx.
      > Most of you are dealing with far more serious issues than mine seem to be
      at the moment. I read all your posts and my heart is breaking everyday
      reading what you and your kitties are going through. Those of you who greet
      and respond constantly are incredible . Your knowledge on this subject is
      equal to any cardio and far more. We are all blessed to have you and this
      form to learn, gain strength and encouragement, and feel your loving arms
      around us when the battle sometimes is lost.
      > I'd just like to send my love to you all for your courage and undaunting
      perseverance to meet this awful disease head on. No matter what new
      challenge comes up.....you continue to fight back again and again until it
      no longer is the threat it was.When I read what is going on and how you've
      adjusted, added, and fought ...I think your amazing!
      > Bev
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