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Re: [FH] Hobo update

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Lisa, ... Ok, this is good. I just want to throw out a teeny reminder that not all infection shows up all the time...and it s possible to have a low-grade
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 29, 2007
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      Hi Lisa,

      In a message dated 1/28/07 9:04:32 PM, lisamarialocke@... writes:

      > --no sign of bacterial infection in urine (they did a culture)
      Ok, this is good. I just want to throw out a teeny reminder that not all
      infection shows up all the time...and it's possible to have a low-grade smoldering
      infection that's not detected. I'm not saying Hobo has one. Only that it's

      > --urine did have increased number of red cells
      How about blood? It's possible to have blood/RBC in urine from some type of
      inflammation...without bacteria. And if Hobo does have sterile
      inflammation/hematuria, there are some gentle remedies that can help.

      > --specific gravity is a little low, microalbumin (?) is very high
      > (19.7), urea = 45, creatinine (?) is 2.7, amylase is high.
      I'm assuming they did a special test for the microalbumin (as opposed to the
      dipstick for protein)?? Are they also going to check blood pressure? The test
      for microalbumin detects 1-30 mg/dL. The usual ref. range for BUN is 14-36
      mg/dL and creatinine 0.6-2.4 mg/dL (altho some labs consider the upper range

      It would be helpful to get results also for phosphorus, potassium, sodium,
      hematocrit/PCV, and urine specific gravity.

      > --thyroid ok, glucose ok, liver ok, red and white cells in blood ok,
      > no fluid in lungs (per xray), something funny looking on kidney in
      > xray
      All this sounds good except the funny-looking thing.

      > But he's wondering about switching to a low
      > protein diet (???)
      No, this really isn't a good idea. This is outmoded thinking...that should
      never have been applied to cats to start with. Without going into a long
      explanation, the goal is to keep an eye on the amt of phosphorus, while providing the
      highest amt of high-quality protein possible.

      > --current food is California Natural (made by the same folks who make
      > INNOVA) Venison & Brown Rice canned, which he loves.
      This phosphorus content on this is about 1.18% (dry matter). I think 1% is a
      reasonable amt...and this isn't too far from it.

      > However, I first
      > noticed the urinary sxs a few months after starting him on Natural
      > Balance Venison & Green pea canned. Don't know if this is a random
      > coincidence, or if something in this food could affect kidney
      > functioning.
      I don't know either. I think it's unlikely...but I certainly couldn't swear
      to that.
      > So...what questions should I be asking the specialist on Monday?
      I'd want to know the blood/urine results mentioned above. And also ask if he
      thinks a blood pressure check is needed.

      > I really don't want to switch foods again if I don't have to,
      > and to me low protein doesn't sound like a good idea b/c his muscles
      > need the protein (right?).
      Yes, Lisa!! Bingo. Actually, his whole body needs the protein, b/c Hobo's
      whole body evolved to get energy and nutrients from animal protein.

      Here are some articles on this subject (some of this is about dogs...but the
      same principles apply to cats):

      1. "Nutritional Management of Dogs and Cats with Chronic Renal Failure" by
      Kalkstein, DVM, DACVIM at www.southpaws.com/news/99-2-nutrition-CF.htm

      2. "Kidney Disease in Older Cats" by Hofve, DVM at

      3. "Mythology of Protein Restriction for Dogs with Reduced Renal Function,"
      by Kenneth Bovee, DVM, MMedSc (UPenn) at

      4. "Effects of Dietary Protein Intake on Renal Functions," by Delmar Finco,
      DVM, PhD (Univ of Ga) at

      5. "Dietary Protein and the Kidney" by Patricia Schenck, DVM, PhD (Michigan
      State Univ) at

      6. www.dogaware.com/kidney.html

      > I'd also like to avoid subQ fluids for as
      > long as possible.
      I hear you about this...it isn't the most fun way to spend 4 min with your
      cat. But it's not dreadful, either, and hydration is so important for overall
      comfort and health. And Hobo may not need fluids right now. You can also keep
      him hydrated by adding some extra water to the food or encouraging him to drink
      (eg if he likes a fountain)...and some caregivers also give water by oral
      syringe instead of subQ. When the time comes, you can get help with the fluids,
      too (if you need it). // Rosemary

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