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Re: [FH] In need of peace of mind

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  • Lisa Clarizia
    Hi Nina, Paranoia is a normal symptom for pet parents who have a newly-diagnosed heart kitty -- we have ALL been there. You are especially watchful and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2007
      Hi Nina,

      Paranoia is a normal symptom for pet parents who have a newly-diagnosed
      heart kitty -- we have ALL been there. You are especially watchful and
      worried about every little thing, and there is this feeling of constant
      stress and tension. It's not a lot of fun.

      But, over time, you do adjust. We often speak about our cats' "new normal"
      meaning what is normal in terms of a cat living with heart disease. We too
      have a new normal, and just as with our kitties, it takes us some time to
      get used to this and achieve a level of equilibrium.

      Meds and supplements and all that are part of what we do to help our babies,
      but we can't forget to treat ourselves while we're at it, because their
      lives are in our hands and we need to do all we can for ourselves so we can
      be there for them. Part of that is going through the stages of grief
      everyone goes through when a loved one is affected by a life-threatening
      illness and accepting that these feelings are normal.

      I don't want to sugar-coat this or imply that it's a simple process because
      it's not. But I've been where you are right now and I can tell you, it does
      get better over time. Part of what you're feeling right now is helplessness
      and an attending lack of confidence that you'll be able to help your girl.
      You've never been through this before, and don't know what to expect or what
      to do. But over time you'll get more familiar with Sascha's 'new normal'
      and you'll be more confident when it comes to interpreting these little
      signs and symptoms. *You* will be the expert when it comes to Sascha -- and
      while you won't be worry-free, you will be able to have some peace of mind.

      But, for right now and to answer your actual question -- you can't always go
      by the nose, all my cats are pink-nosed and the healthy ones sometimes
      pale. Temperature etc. can do that. As for the tiredness -- the meds will
      often initially cause some lethargy and lack of appetite until the cat
      adjusts. She did eat this morning, which is always a good thing, so I
      wouldn't worry too much just yet. Just keep an eye on her and see how she


      On 1/28/07, random_is_the_new_black <nina.owen@...> wrote:
      > Hello all
      > Sascha had been pretty much back to her normal self and has been
      > eating well but last night she sicked up a bit of her food with her
      > meds (half a frusemide tab and a fortekor tab) mashed in.
      > Today she's been eating fine but seems quite tired and her nose isn't
      > very pink :o( Do you think it's because she'd brought up her meds
      > last night? Up to that point she's been ok and has taken her meds
      > fine. This AM she had her frusemide in her breakfast without any
      > probs.
      > I feel a bit like a paranoid parent since her diagnosis, worrying
      > about every little thing that seems slightly wrong :o( Luckily Sascha
      > has a check up with the cardiologist on Tuesday night.
      > Nina + Sascha

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