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Re: [FH] Cozette - positive steps

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Nala, This is wonderful news! I m so happy for you and Cozette. Sounds like you re doing all the right things. Sue ... From: nala nala
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2006

      This is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you and Cozette. Sounds like
      you're doing all the right things.


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      > Everyone,
      > After not eating significant amounts of food for two
      > weeks, losing over a pound in just 10 days, and after
      > not eating on her own for a week, today Cozette ate.
      > She didn't eat much, but we are elated that she has
      > any interest in food at all. We are continuing to
      > feed her through her esophagostomy tube and are still
      > working up towards her maintenance amount of calories.
      > We haven't had any problems with vomiting so I feel
      > that we have been very lucky.
      > In addition she had a bowel movement last night. A
      > funny thing to celebrate, but we are thrilled. With
      > her slowing down and then stopping eating, she hadn't
      > had one since the 18th.
      > Whether the restored(?) appetite is correlated with
      > her improved renal values, we aren't sure. On
      > ultrasound, her kidneys looked perfectly normal, but
      > her BUN and Creatinine but not phosphorus values were
      > elevated.
      > For the days post-surgery, Cozette has spent the
      > majority of her time completely flat on her tummy and
      > chest. She has barely lifted her head or her eyes.
      > Now, she is more alert. She is sleeping in more
      > normal cat postures. Her strength is improving and
      > she is making short jumps onto low furniture/boxes
      > next to furniture, and wants to jump onto the kitchen
      > counter. Most of her time is still spent sleeping,
      > but she is starting to lose the lost far-away look
      > that has become so very familiar since her e-tube
      > placement on Sunday the 24th.
      > The last several days have been incredibly difficult.
      > There has been a lot of second guessing about whether
      > or not we should have had the tube placed but at least
      > for now, things are looking up. We are praying for
      > continued improvement.
      > Thank you all for your kind words of support and
      > advice.
      > Nala, Camille and Cozette
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