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Re: [FH] Advice on Blood Clots

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Melissa, Yes, this sounds like heart disease and most likely HCM. Spooky would be best if he could go see a veterinary cardiologist ASAP. They would know
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2006
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      Yes, this sounds like heart disease and most likely HCM. Spooky would be
      best if he could go see a veterinary cardiologist ASAP. They would know
      what medications to give and be able to determine the subtleties of what's
      going on with his heart by doing an echocardiogram (ECG). That's an
      ultrasound of the moving heart.

      Cardiologist links:

      Once a cat throws a clot - especially a saddle thrombosis - they're at high
      risk for a repeat.

      There are a few options with blood clots. He could go to the vet and be
      treated with IV heparin. That should help break down any existing clots.
      To prevent more clots from forming, many vets prescribe one baby aspirin
      every 3 days. The drawbacks are that there aren't any real studies done on
      the efficacy of aspirin for treating blood clots in cats and it will often
      upset their stomachs. That said, a lot of people do use aspirin. Other
      options are plavix (a pill) or lovenox (a sub-q injection). I use lovenox.
      It's very expensive.

      Other medications are a beta-blocker and/or ace-inhibitor. They both lower
      blood pressure and ease the stress on the heart. Often, diuretics are also
      used but not all cats need them.

      Once Spooky is stablized, we can talk about giving supplements like CoQ10
      and being sure he's on a good-quality canned food diet.

      I'm guessing that you're in college. If that's so, you might qualify for
      some financial assistance from one of these groups -

      For now, concentrate on getting Spooky back to the vet and ignore the tales
      of gloom and doom that are out on the internet. While heart disease is
      serious and does kill, cats can often live with it for quite a while.

      Take care of yourself too!!!


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      > Hi everyone,
      > I'm currently going through a panic stricken emotional roller-coaster
      > as my cat Spooky, yesterday was paralyzed in the hind legs due to a
      > blood clot. He's doing better today and can walk around again but
      > after researching the cause of the saddle thrombus, I'm really
      > scared. I don't live with my parents any more, which is where my cat
      > lives; however, my father took him to the vet to find out what was
      > going on. The vet decided it was either a thyroid disorder or
      > diabetes and only did tests for the two ailments. Spooky, was then
      > sent home with my dad without any medication. The prognosis came
      > back today that he doesn't have either ailment. I found out about
      > this today and I'm terrified that the blood clot could kill him at
      > any time, while left untreated. He needs medication to break it
      > down. He might be going back to the vet again tomorrow (I truly hope
      > so), as I told my dad to call them back and explain what I found on
      > the internet. Any research I did showed that it's a sign of heart
      > disease, and more precisely, HCM. Do any of you feel that there is
      > any hope that this isn't the case? I'm reading that HCM slowly gets
      > worse and shortens the cat's life. I've never loved a cat as much as
      > Spooky and I'm really upset with the possibility of losing him...I
      > don't think I've stopped crying for more than a few seconds all
      > night. Any good news that this potentially could go away would be
      > wonderful, but also wonderful would be any tips on how to help the
      > little guy out if he does have HCM.
      > I'm going home this weekend to see what I can do.
      > Thanks
      > - Melissa
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