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Re: [FH] Opinions/Advise Requested

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  • nala nala
    Dear Karen, I agree with you, Smokey should be checked out. Change in behavior like that makes it sound like something is wrong. The brother of my two girls
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4, 2006
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      Dear Karen,

      I agree with you, Smokey should be checked out.
      Change in behavior like that makes it sound like
      something is wrong.

      The brother of my two girls gets clingy (velcro kitty)
      when he doesn't feel well.

      I don't have good ideas regarding Smokey being
      off-balance and wobbly other than after effects of the
      first saddle thrombosis, or a new one that isn't
      causing as severe of a restriciton on blood flow, but
      these are merely guesses.

      Good luck this morning with your vet.


      --- Made4PraiseKLD@... wrote:

      > My 18 year old HCM kitty, Smokey has been mostly
      > asymptomatic since her
      > diagnosis in July. She is on Diltiazem, (7.5mg
      > twice a day), baby aspirin, (1/2
      > tablet every 3rd day) and supplements (thanks Leah).
      > Over the weekend I have
      > noticed a change in her. Nothing really severe,
      > although I did call the
      > emergency clinic, which is over an hour away, and
      > did speak with a vet. He was
      > very nice and said that unless I noticed any life
      > threatening changes, that
      > he would recommend that I just watch her and take
      > her to my vet on Monday to
      > save me the trip and the cost. I will call my vet
      > when they open this morning
      > to schedule an appointment, and I thought that if I
      > let y'all know what was
      > going on, I could get some advise/opinions on what
      > might be happening and
      > have an idea on what to ask/talk with my vet about.
      > Smokey still appears to be eating normally and the
      > same amount that she
      > normally eats, it is mostly can, however I do leave
      > a bowl of dry down just in
      > case she does eat all the can and wants something
      > else before I get home from
      > work. Litter box habits haven't changed and
      > everything appears normal there.
      > The changes I see are in her personality and
      > walking. She has become more
      > "clingy" the last couple of days, always wanted to
      > be with me, and even
      > laying on me. She normally wants to be around me,
      > but now when I come into the
      > room that she is in, she is right there wanting me
      > to pick her up and cuddle.
      > If I am sitting she is in my lap, if I am lying in
      > bed, no matter which way
      > she is laying on me. The other is her walking.
      > When she was diagnosed with
      > HCM it was due to a saddle thrombosis. Then when
      > she walked she more or less
      > dragged her left leg, now she is not actually
      > dragging it, however it looks
      > weaker than her right and it seems that when she
      > walks, the leg collapses on
      > her. Also when she is standing or walking she is
      > leaning towards the right.
      > This morning when I took her into the kitchen with
      > me and let her walk she
      > wanted to be right next to a wall or something to
      > lean on and if she couldn't
      > then she seemed to wobble and would then sit for a
      > minute or so and then
      > continue on. I noticed no change in breathing.
      > Yesterday her heart rate was in
      > the normal range, 136. I didn't take it this
      > morning.
      > So anything anyone can think of regarding this I
      > would sure appreciate it.
      > My vet is very willing to listen to me and form a
      > plan of treatment that is
      > best for Smokey.
      > Karen, Smokey, Sebastian, Sabrina and Angel's Trixie
      > and Wildfire.
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