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Re: [FH] Taking a Chance - Say a Prayer for Us

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    Hi Sharyl, ... I m sorry this is happening. There are a few complementary options for restoring oral health that may reduce his suffering. Bacteria in the
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      Hi Sharyl,

      In a message dated 12/2/06 10:03:25 PM, clinebay@... writes:

      > He has severe periodontal disease.  After
      > months of treating him with Clindamycin his teeth are in even worse
      > shape than in Feb.  He is in pain when he tries to eat and now even
      > when drinking water.  I have been syringe feeding him since March. 
      I'm sorry this is happening. There are a few complementary options for
      restoring oral health that may reduce his suffering.

      Bacteria in the mouth can be reduced with a few drops of a low-potency silver
      (like 10 ppm) daily. It is tasteless and easy to administer...just put like
      5-10 drops in the jowl when Albert is resting. You can also make a wash with it
      by mixing it in some warm water and irrigating with it, if he'll allow that.

      Another option is to give lactoferrin, which is being used with cats who have
      stomatitis. You can pill with it to support the immune system or mix it in
      food (it doesn't have much taste), like 100-200mg daily . But more effective is
      topical application. You can mix it with water and syringe it or swab it on
      the gums...or make a paste by adding some silver and co-enzyme Q10 and rub it
      gently on the gums (like with a little bit of sterile gauze). All of these
      ingredients are considered low-risk in cats...and have potential for real benefit.

      Here are some links about lactoferrin:

      1. http://www.wellvet.com/lactoferrin.html (aloe vera has anti-inflammatory
      properties, which is good...altho I think using silver also has benefits. If
      you're interested in aloe vera, get a product with as close to 100% pure juice
      or gel as possible, with no sodium benzoate, aloin, or emodin, eg Lily of the
      Desert brand. It's about $3/8oz in health-food stores):

      "Lactoferrin seems to have immune modulating and antibacterial properties.
      Lactoferrin binds iron necessary for bacterial growth. It is effective in
      controlling feline stomatitis1. Lactoferrin is a whey protein usually derived from
      dairy milk, and is typically dosed at 50 mg/kg, or simply powdered on foods.

      Dog, Ferret and Cat Dosage/Usage:
      Lactoferrins can be used for gingivitis, stomatitis, and as a part of a
      routine tooth brushing routine. You can make a toothpaste by adding water or Aloe
      Vera to a small amount of lactoferrin and applying with finger and cheese cloth
      or by using a toothbrush."

      2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&

      This is a study on stomatitis cats. The conclusion: "Oral administration of
      LF improved intractable stomatitis and concurrently enhanced the host defense
      system. Topical application of LF to oral mucous membrane is useful as a
      treatment for intractable stomatitis even in FIV-positive cats."

      > Due to the constant pain we have decided to proceed with extraction of
      > his teeth next Thursday.
      There are some homeopathics commonly used in this situation that might be
      helpful. They are Arnica, which helps reduce inflammation and trauma; Chamomila,
      which supports wounded tissues; and Hypericum, which acts on nerve pain. If
      you'd like more information on that, just ask. There's also a few sites with
      basic information:

      1. http://www.drwolfe.com/html/Homeopathy-Remedies.html

      2. http://www.hpathy.com/diseases/teeth-symptoms-treatment-cure.asp

      3. www.simillimum.com/education/first-aid-room/contents/iatrogenesis.php

      Good luck on Thursday. // Rosemary

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