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Re: [feline-heart] Widgie's HCM

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  • diane
    If I knew how it could happen so fast..... How could Kearra have an ultrasound the end of October and be declared a little worse and go into heart failure on
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2001
      If I knew how it could happen so fast..... How could Kearra have an
      ultrasound the end of October and be declared "a little worse" and go into
      heart failure on Nov 14? I know the stress of the clot, the car ride, the
      pain, my obvious agitation (I'm normally very outwardly calm during these
      cat crises, but I had put my CRF cat to sleep the end of June last year and
      was still healing from *that* and Kearra was my baby, and let's say I
      wasn't very calm), anyway, none of those factors helped her at all.

      I had to face the fact that perhaps, if this situation was hurting her, how
      long before another cat pouncing on her did the same?

      The aspirin is commonly used to help prevent blood clots though I don't
      really know if there is "hard scientific evidence" to back it up. Who
      knows, if Kearra didn't have aspirin for so long maybe she would not have
      lasted as long.

      OTOH, many have said their cats had stomach upset. I was lucky that we had
      no side affects (though the wrong food made her throw up! <G>)

      Have a great weekend and keep us posted on Widgie.


      At 03:58 PM 6/8/2001 +0000, you wrote:
      >Thanks for the quick response, Diane. Yes, I remember our
      >conversation. It makes me feel a little better to know that some
      >kitties have survived quite a while with HCM. The vet did the
      >ultrasounds this morning and that was the conclusive diagnosis. But
      >she had an ultrasound just about 6 weeks ago and the heart showed
      >only "changes associated with aging" (she's 15.) How can this happen
      >so fast? When I took her in for vomiting the vet listened to her
      >heart carefully and it was okay. A few hours later there was a
      >murmur. I wish I could remember the name of that drug they gave her.
      >The vet is an internal medicine specialist. He is going to put her on
      >the Atenolol. He didn't mention aspirin...is this commonly used?
      >I also have COQ10 at home. I use it for my other cat's gingivitis.
      >Would this help Widgie? I have so many questions!
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