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Re: [FH] Re:HELP - Has anyone ever seen this??? (long)

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Meredith, I just spoke with the cardiology intern this morning. She said the bloodwork is completely normal and that if Pepper had thrown a clot, her enzyme
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      I just spoke with the cardiology intern this morning. She said the
      bloodwork is completely normal and that if Pepper had thrown a clot, her
      enzyme levels would be eleveated - but they're not.

      I did tell them that Pepper has had 4 ticks on her in the past few weeks.
      That's a lot considering that her only outdoor time is when the two of us
      take a short walk around the house and maybe up the hill in the back. I've
      been very careful in removing them so I don't squeeze their bodies. I have
      a little tick-remover that's like a tiny scoop with a wedge cut out. It
      works really well.

      I know that lovenox is a low-molecular weight heparin. You know, the vet
      didn't have any on hand even though they have a full-service pharmacy. But
      that gave me a reason to go back with food, litter, and all sorts of things
      for my girl. I labeled it "Pepper's overnight kit".

      Today Pepper will be seen by the cardiology intern, the board-certified
      cardiologist and a cardiology resident. I sure hope all these heavy-weights
      can figure something out. My big concern is that she doesn't seem to be
      eating. But then she will probably come home this afternoon.

      I'll say a prayer for Wonder. She will let you know when she's ready to go.
      It's just so hard when you're anticipating it. How's Kevin holding up?


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      > Oh, man, Sue....
      > Well, I saw something like this in Monkey, but it was actually a good
      sign. When she had her saddle thrombosis, remember how it took awhile for
      that second leg to get the pulse back? After it got the pulse back, the leg
      would swell and get hot, pretty much like you are describing. It would
      swell and get hot and then recede and then do it again. It happened a
      couple times over the course of about a week, maybe a little less. It was
      all in that same leg, though.
      > The vet called it "venous return," which, as best as I can explain, the
      circulation was returning to that leg, but the veins couldn't keep up with
      the blood flow and weren't "returning" it back to the heart fast enough to
      keep the leg from swelling. But, it was definitely a joyful sign of blood
      flow returning, and the vet never even felt she needed me to bring Monkey in
      to see her while it was going on. It was quite alarming, though, until I
      knew what it was. If this is what it is for Pepper, even tho the downside
      would be that clots had happened, maybe it is for Pepper a joyful sign of
      returning blood flow, too.......?
      > I'll say a prayer for Pepper.
      > BTW, the Lovenox, is a FORM of heparin, I know you probably know that but
      Ithought I'd say it again at a time like this. Lovenox is low molecular
      weight heparin....I think it's a lower risk version of using regular
      > Love, Meredith....missing Monkey and unable to sleep cause of Wonder, the
      dog (her breathing is keeping me up...she has to work a bit harder to
      breathe due to the cancer in her lungs, altho doesn't seem in pain. The
      breathing is pretty much her baseline for the past 5 days or so. We
      cancelled 2 appointments to have her euthanized yesterday cause altho weak
      and not breathing right, she enjoyed her day yesterday, ate a lot and lay in
      the sun chewing on a raw meat deer bone...tis the season...so, we're
      definitely in that agonizing "when is the right time?" quandary....btw, no,
      we don't hunt but do have a good source of fresh raw deer meat and bones for
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