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Re: [FH] Apollo's Exam and Echo

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Rebecca, I always wonder if the vets say no to supplements because they know about them or because they don t know about them. I m not really familiar with
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 28, 2006

      I always wonder if the vets say no to supplements because they know about
      them or because they don't know about them. I'm not really familiar with
      aortic stenosis so I will describe what I use.

      If my girl would take more supplements, I'd be giving her a lot more. Right
      now she just gets CoQ10, salmon oil and TMG. I know there's a lot of
      controversy about salmon oil and essential fatty acids. Personally, I see
      an improvement in Pepper when she gets it so I give it to her. It seems to
      slow down the cachexia (muscle wasting). When she'll eat them, I give her
      Nu Cat (aka Tabby Tabs) a multi-vitamin

      The TMG helps them process oxygen more efficiently on a cellular level.
      Since Pepper has asthma in addition to her heart disease, this really
      benefits her but I would think that any cat with heart disease would

      Other supplements are l-carnitine and l-lysine. They also improve overall
      cellular health.

      I saw a big improvement when she was getting the Vetri-Science Cardio
      Strength (aka Heart Discovery)
      aspx but she can't stand the taste. I used to mix it in her food but she
      finally put a stop to that. Then I tried giving it in an oral syringe but
      it made her sick.

      The best thing to do with dentals is preventive care. See if you can
      gradually convince Apollo that it's ok to let you put your finger in his
      mouth. Then put a piece of gauze on your finger and wipe his teeth. It
      will probably take some doing. There have been cats who have had dental
      work done and been fine. The vet needs to fully understand the
      complications that heart disease brings and to use the correct type of

      One comment about atenolol is that it seems to cause more adverse reactions
      in cats than any of the other medications. Not that it's a lot. My girl
      developed an arrhythmia. Once they discontinued it, she was fine. Katy's
      cat Belle had an increase in her asthma attacks - or at least it aggrivated
      the situation.

      He sure is a handsome guy!!!


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      > I keep forgetting to check the "To" line before sending, and keep on
      > sending only to the poster. Sorry!
      > Re: supplements, vet said that many of them could result in further
      > thickening the ventricle wall, which is already part of the
      > problem. He also wants to see how Apollo adjusts to the medication
      > before anything else is added.
      > Apparently this is a fairly rare disorder for cats (6% or as little
      > as .4% of heart problems in kitties are caused by AS. Several dog
      > breeds, including Labs and Newfoundlands are particularly
      > vulnerable).
      > Given the area that he was in when found at-large and taken to the
      > Humane Society, it seems likely that he is a 'dump' by a breeder
      > (lots of them in that area, apparently) because of the heart defect.
      > Question: what does everyone do about dentals with their heart
      > kitties? I just had to have a full mouth extraction for another
      > kitty, because I never really knew how crucial dentals were. I
      > resolved to do a better job in the future, and I've heard that he is
      > more vulnerable to infections if they get into the gums, etc.
      > However, I also know that anesthesia is risky for him!
      > Thanks so much for all of the great information, everyone! It is
      > making all of this much easier to deal with!
      > ~Rebecca (And check out Apollo's pics in the photo section :-)
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