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Re: [FH] Ocean's Story

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    What a great story! It s so nice to hear when they improve and become normal again. And I seriously think that there s no such thing as talking too much about
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 28, 2006
      What a great story! It's so nice to hear when they improve and become
      normal again.

      And I seriously think that there's no such thing as talking too much about
      our cats.


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      > Hey everyone,
      > I've had a couple of emails asking for more details on my HCM kitty
      > Ocean, so I thought I'd write up a post with all the info on what we
      > went through.
      > It started on Oct. 29th, Ocean didn't want to eat anything (he would
      > eat a little from a spoon but not on his own), and was doing nothing
      > but sleep. And when he did try to move around he would have these
      > spells (After the vet visits we found out he was fainting), he would
      > get really weak not even able to hold up his head, if he was
      > standing he would lay down, and his bladder would release. When I
      > took him to the vet and told her about this her first thought was a
      > bladder infection, although she did hear a heart murmur, and he had
      > an elevated white cell count. She felt it was possibly an infection,
      > so she kept him on fluids for a few hours (he'd not been drinking
      > well either) then sent him home with antibiotics, she thought the
      > spells may have been coming from dehydration so she didn't think
      > he'd have anymore. About 15 minutes after we got home he had another
      > spell; I called the vet and she said to bring him back in. (Luckily
      > I live less then 5 minutes from my vets office). This time he had an
      > attack while she was listening to his heart and she heard it slow
      > down. This got us on the right track of it being a heart problem. It
      > was late in the evening so she decided it would be best to come back
      > in the morning and not upset him anymore that night, since being
      > stressed out is what was causing the spells.
      > The next day he had an electrocardiogram in the morning and it
      > showed fluid around his heart and the walls of his heart were very
      > thickened. They called me at work and asked if I would like to have
      > an ultrasound done, but that he was not doing well. Of course I told
      > them to do whatever they had to do. My vet lets you make payments so
      > I told them money was not an issue. I got another phone call after
      > the ultrasound and this was when they gave me the diagnosis of
      > Cardiomyopathy. They sent Ocean home with Enacard (1 mg tablet)and
      > Atenolol(1/4 of a mg tablet). Ocean was still very lethargic that
      > night. I had to force his meds in him and it sent him into another
      > spell. I really felt like he would not be alive when I woke up in
      > the morning, but he did make it through the night. I had to go to
      > work and my mom was watching him during the day. When I got home
      > that night he greeted me at the door, she said he'd gotten up that
      > afternoon and walked into the kitchen to help himself to food and
      > water. I broke down right there and felt like I'd breathed for the
      > first time in days. I just picked him up and held him crying tears
      > of happiness, of course he looked at me like I was crazy!
      > But we've been living with this for over a month now and he's like a
      > while new cat. He runs around like a kitten, and even plays with the
      > new kitten in the house. At first I would stop him so he wouldn't
      > get too excited but that seemed to upset him more than just letting
      > him play. I think he knows his limits, sometimes he'll stop playing
      > and lie down for a little while, then get back up when he's had a
      > good rest. When we went to his follow up last week the vet said she
      > was really amazed that he was doing so well, and admitted to me that
      > she didn't feel he'd make it either. We are both glad we were wrong.
      > So now the new motto of the house is Whatever Ocean wants Ocean
      > gets. He was spoiled rotten before but after almost losing him he
      > gets even more attention. And now he takes his meds in pill pocket
      > treats without a problem. We haven't had anymore attacks since the
      > night he came home from the vet.
      > I hope I didn't post too much, just wanted to be detailed in case
      > anyone is going through the same things I have. I wish everyone and
      > everykitty the best of luck. I'll try to get a photo of Ocean up
      > soon.
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