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Re: [feline-heart] Update on my HCM cat that threw a clot Sunday

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  • Diane
    ... Please keep a close eye on him with the Dilacor. We just came off a nightmare that can only be linked back to that med. Frisky was dx d for CRF and Mudgie
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2000
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      >Atenolol (24h) and is taking 30mg Dilacor (24h) along w/ his Vasotec
      >(1.25 mg 12h) to reduce his blood pressure. The vet also has him
      >taking 1/2 baby aspirin every other day instead of every 3 days.

      Please keep a close eye on him with the Dilacor. We just came off a
      nightmare that can only be linked back to that med.

      Frisky was dx'd for CRF and Mudgie was dx'd for a heart med on the same
      day. Many of you know how much work a CRF cat is, and I'm still kicking
      myself for not noticing the change in Mudgie sooner. There's only so much a
      person can do though - I can't deny that I was swamped with Frisky and work
      and the house.

      Anyway, Mudgie got 1/2 a Dilcaor tablet morning and night. Unfortunately
      when they were at the vet all day (I had to drop them for the ultrasound),
      Frisky picked up a cold, which he passed to almost everyone in the house,
      including Mudgie. Mudgie's not the best cat to pill, and as you've probably
      noticed, Dilacor isn't the smalled pill. Probably tastes horrible too.

      It became a battle to get these in him. I couldn't hide them in food and
      once he got the cold, it was obvious his throat hurt. So I talked to the
      vet and we went to a full tablet once per day, crushed in a capsule. She
      didn't see any reason not too, it was the cardiologist that suggested the
      twice a day since he had problems with appetite supression in the past. I
      decided to give them at night, figuring that would give him 12 hours before
      breakfast anyway. It was still a battle.

      The end of March, Tim noticed that Mudgie was definately feeling thinner.
      And we both noticed he wasn't acting himself. He was done with the cold, so
      what could it be? I weighed him on a Monday and he was definately down in
      weight. I watched him like a hawk all week, and noticed that he was not
      that interested in food or water. He'd sit by the water and look at it but
      not drink. Friday morning I weighed him again and he was down about another
      pound. I also felt he was dehydrated.

      I ran him right up to the vet for the day. He was definately dehydrated and
      the bloodwork on him was *not* good. Liver values were all out of whack and
      his calcium was high. We immediately took him off Dilacor and the asprin
      (he had been taking the asprin for over a year with no side affects). There
      were a few other things that came back off kilter but the vet attributed it
      to the liver values and him not feeling well in general.

      He was retested on 4/10. He liver values flip-flopped, but the one that was
      out of range now was what she called a "short-term" value, meaning whatever
      affected it happened in the last week or so. Calcium was down but still high.

      The test from 4/24 showed all liver values to be back to normal. The
      calcium came down slightly again, but is still out of range. However, the
      vet feels that we can get away with a retest in no less than a month and
      she's confident that it will continue to come down.

      The first 24 hours after he took his last pill (I had switched him back to
      halves for that last week hoping it would help) he didn't even want to eat.
      Tim got him to drink a little bit of milk, that was it. In the days that
      followed he became more interested in food, and I was doing handsprings the
      first time I saw him take a drink.

      He had lost 4.5 lbs in about 6 weeks. I wish I could say when the weight
      loss started but I don't know. He's gained back 1.5 as of Monday and is
      once again fighting Tim for his bacon and trying to drink the coffee (no we
      don't let him <G>) and lap the milk out of Tim's glass.

      Now, I don't want you to panic about all this, but please keep a close eye
      on your cat so if he does have a reaction hopefully you will notice it
      sooner than we did. All the information I read about liver problems brought
      on by a cat not eating were horrifying (cat needs to stay in hospital,
      sometimes won't pull through, etc). Sounds like once a cat stops eating the
      liver gets adversely affected and might not recover. Someone must've been
      watching out for us.

      I don't know that I would never use this med again (but definately not on
      Mudgie). What I *would* do is the same thing they did for Kearra when she
      started Enacard: bloodwork in one week and a followup in a month. (vet told
      me Enecard can affect the kidneys).

      The odd thing is, I was reading on Atenonol last night and it also said
      anorexia was a side affect. I never had a problem with Kearra (knock on
      wood). I'm still at a loss with Mudgie - he is on *no* meds as of this time
      and his disease is progressing. And after what happened to him, and after
      seeing what I am going through with Frisky's CRF, Tim is adament about
      Mudgie staying drug-free. I am adament about not losing him to heart
      failure if we can prevent it. <sigh>.

      Best of luck and again, keep us posted. For obvious reason I am very
      interested in your results.


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