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Re: [FH] How to give supplements when the pills are too big?

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Sara, ... If you want to administer as a liquid, it might help first to see if the supplements are palatable...b/c some products are so unpleasant to cats
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2006
      Hi Sara,

      In a message dated 10/26/06 10:25:22 AM, sara5266@... writes:

      > Got a question on giving supplements.  I started Toby (12 lbs) on 15 mg of
      > CoQ10 a day, and I want to add in 250mg of L-Carnitine and 600 mg of Omega 3
      > fish oil 120/73 EHA/DPA.
      > For now I'm breaking the 30 mg capsules of CoQ10 and spreading it evenly
      > between my two cats' bowls (both my cats eat about the same amount each day, but
      > its not a steadfast method)
      > I want to start giving only Toby the supps, but the pills are so darn big,
      > especially the fish oil, no way can I force those down his throat.
      > I think I want to emulsify all of them myself and use a syringe, this way I
      > know only Toby is getting it and its the right amounts.  Is there a type of
      > baby food maybe I can throw all these things into, mix it up and put into a
      > syringe?   Or any other liquid type thing I can use?
      If you want to administer as a liquid, it might help first to see if the
      supplements are palatable...b/c some products are so unpleasant to cats that they
      are unacceptable even when mixed with a yummy food or broth, which makes
      administering it a less-than-happy experience. Some cats really like the taste of
      fish oils, some don't. For cats who do, you can pierce the softgel cap and let
      the cat lick it up or mix it with something for syringing. L-carnitine
      (which I have in capsules, not tablets) has a sort of sour, citric-acid-like taste,
      which is not unpleasant for me...but I don't know what a cat would think
      about it. Some options for L-carnitine would be to get the largest product dose
      available (like 500 or 750 mg) in capsule form...so you can then sprinkle out a
      relatively small amt of powder for your 250mg dose, which can also be mixed in
      a food/liquid treat the cat enjoys. (Otherwise you would need to crush a
      tablet.) We used BeechNut plain meat and broth flavors (chicken, turkey,
      veal...not ham or beef...no vegetables, grains, or other additives). Gerber's meat and
      gravy flavors have a small amt of cornstarch, which is not usually a problem
      but makes it slightly less desirable than BeechNut. You may have to thin the
      mix a bit with water depending on the oral syringe you're using. Another option
      is to get small, cat-sized (like #2 or #3) empty gelcaps...and transfer the
      desired dose into the gelcap for pilling (which is another reason to get
      large-dose products, so you can use a smaller volume for the cats). You can transfer
      powder, oil, or cut tablets. There's information on empty gelcaps and sizes

      1. http://members.verizon.net/~vze2r6qt/supplies/gelcaps.htm

      2. http://www.torpac.com/Reference/unlinked_size_chart.htm

      You probably already know this...but it's important when pilling (if you end
      up doing that) to chase the pill with a food treat or syringe of water to make
      sure the pill doesn't get stuck in the esophagus. And when syringing liquid,
      it's important to keep the cat's head horizontal (not nose to ceiling, as with
      pilling)...and aim for the back corner of the mouth, not the throat (to
      reduce risk of aspiration). // Rosemary

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