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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Mona. Welcome to the group although you have my sympathy for joining. This can be a very scary time when you first find out. I m not sure what latitude you
    Message 1 of 26 , Oct 3, 2006

      Welcome to the group although you have my sympathy for joining.

      This can be a very scary time when you first find out. I'm not sure what
      latitude you have with treatment since Alvin is a foster. It's great that
      they are willing to take care of him.

      How was he diagnosed? What symptoms was he showing that you had him
      checked? Is he seeing a cardiologist or an internist or someone else?

      What prescription(s) / dose(s) will he be getting?

      Once you have all that information, pass it along and we can chat more.
      Supplements such as CoQ10 and some amino acids like l-carnitine and l-lysine
      and help a lot as can a good-quality canned food diet.

      We'll be here for you!


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      > Hello -
      > I am new, have just been reading the postings until I got "the call"
      > from the specialist confirming HCM for my foster cat "Alvin". (just
      > got "the call")
      > The specialist has called in a prescription so Alvin will start it
      > today. I am sure as we get into this, you will see more questions
      > from me...
      > Thanks,
      > Mona
    • Mona Motz
      Wow! Thanks Leah. This is the kind of info I need. I have some CoEnzymeQ10 for my stomatitis cats. Hmmm. OK here is what happened with Alvin. I do cat
      Message 2 of 26 , Oct 3, 2006
        Wow! Thanks Leah. This is the kind of info I need.

        I have some CoEnzymeQ10 for my stomatitis cats. Hmmm.

        OK here is what happened with Alvin. I do cat rescue on a very large scale. So there was a black cat walking thru my yard last December (2005), and I nearly had a heart attack because I thought my guys had popped out a screen (we are in Florida and the windows are open in December). That would mean I would be doing cat roundup for absolutely hours and hours, possibly days.....

        So as I approached this cat (it was dusk, so hard to see) I was sweet-talking it...and I got close up and said "hey, you're not my cat!". So I scooped him up and took him inside, he was very nice about it. Talk about the most easygoing cat, to walk into a house with him in my arms, a house that smells like the 1,200 or so cats and kittens that have been thru there in the past 6 years...that right there is testimony to his attitude. :)

        So into a cage he went. He got the usual...Advantage, wormer. A couple of days later off to the vet to get tested, shots, neutered. (he was FIV+ which wasn't a surprise considering his scarring and gland size, but boy was I glad to avoid FeLV). On the way in the car he was saying "AL!" "AL!" So his name became Alvin.

        He adjusted well and was out and about in the foster room soon (our 2-car garage). He gained weight and started to limp. So off to the vet we go. Xrays showed ALOT of things...his enlarged heart, his cloudy lungs, and 35+ b-b's under his skin! One of the b-b's is all smushed looking next to his shoulder, which is where his limp is, so it must have made some good contact with the bone.

        During this exam we drew blood for a Bartonella test (he was positive and treated). Also he was found to have what looks to be Lymphatic Plasmacell Stomatitis in his mouth. He doesn't complain about this at all, nor is he desperate for a dental at this point, which is surprising considering he has probably never had one.

        At this point we revised his age from 4-5 to more like 7-8 yrs, although we still aren't sure. His eyes are so clear; he just doesn't have that "senior" look in his eyes.

        Oh and did I mention with his weight gain he was 20 pounds 12 ounces? Not overweight either, just absolutely huge. He has a big old tomcat head to match!

        Another clue is he doesn't groom, but he occasionally grooms other cats. Odd.

        Lucky for me (and my pocketbook) he got a free ultrasound because my vet just got the machine and was practicing. He was a great patient because he just laid there and enjoyed the 45 minutes of nonstop attention. They even did it a second time and he was just the same great patient. They copied it to a CD and the specialist used that CD rather than another ultrasound (I really lucked out).

        I went to the specialist with the CD and Xrays but the CD was blank (!) so I had to get it copied again and drive it over later.

        The specialist just confirmed today that the left side of Alvin's heart has problems and he has prescribed 1/2 Diltiazem per day (this is the capsule that has 4 pills in it, 1/2 of one of the 4 pills).

        I am supposed to let him know if there is no improvement.

        At this point Alvin's diet is Nutro Weight Management. He also gets a heaping tsp of a/d in the morning with glucosamine and Felovite II, at my regular vet's recommendation. He loves canned food but cannot eat the chunky kind very well, so I stick to the smoother ones. He makes the least mess with a/d so I feed that in self-defense :)

        We did a full blood profile on him, thyroid - the works. Also a heartworm test, twice, which came back positive AND negative, I cannot remember the details now, but both the specialist and the vet have ruled out heartworm.

        Any suggestions are appreciated. At this point he is only active to get to food, water, or pan. Otherwise he just lays around, which is absolutely no fun for a cat!

        His picture is on our website www.pawsfla.com.


        Leah Ferron <leahandhercats@...> wrote:
        Hello Mona,

        Welcome to our group! I am glad you found us but sorry to hear about Alvin. What tests did they do to confirm HCM? What prescription did they put him on? What were his symptoms that made you take him to the vet? How old is he?

        Too many questions? This information just helps us to help you. There are lots of other things that you can give to Alvin that will help him feel better and possibly slow the progression of the disease. One of the most important supplements that you can give him is CoEnzymeQ10 (CoQ10). There are others too. If you want more information just email me. The other thing you can do is make sure that Alvin is eating a good quality wet food. If you need more information about what food is best just post a question and our resident nutrition guru, Rosemary, will give you great information. Son't be afraid to ask any questions you may have even if you think it isn't heart related because it often is.

        Again, welcome to you and Alvin.

        Leah and her cats and Angel Alec

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        Mona Motz, Foster Mom Extraordinaire
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        We are volunteers and all have regular jobs in addition to doing rescue. So we prefer to email rather than return phone calls, as we can fit this in during our lunch hours, breaks, and late at night. Thanks for understanding! We also DESPERATELY need foster homes, as do all shelters. In 2002 in Brevard County, FL, an average of 500+ cats and 200+ dogs were killed PER MONTH due to overpopulation. Please spay and neuter, and really go the extra mile -- spay and neuter your "neighborhood strays" (call or email us for low-cost vaccine and clinic info). Thanks! =^..^=

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