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Re: [FH] Just Found Out!

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Hi, It s always such a shock to find out that our babies are sick. It makes us feel so helpless - especially when you don t have support from friends and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006

      It's always such a shock to find out that our babies are sick. It makes us
      feel so helpless - especially when you don't have support from friends and
      family. Here, our cats are often worth more than our relatives!

      What are they doing to identify the problem? Have you thought about taking
      Gretchen to see a cardiologist? (When I first joined this group, I didn't
      even know there were veterinary cardiologists). If there's not one in your
      area, then a board-certified internist will often have experience with heart
      disease. You can ask your regular vet for a referral or look for one here -

      It is easier to make suggestions when we know what the exact problem is.
      Obviously that will take a couple days with additional testing.

      What were her symptoms that made you decide to take her in?

      Don't blame yourself for not noticing - cats are notoriously good at hiding
      the fact that they are sick. It's good that you noticed it when she was
      just a bit off (from the sound of your note).

      Try to keep calm as cats mirror your own emotions so if you're stressed, it
      may add to her stress level. Of course, that's much easier said than done.

      Be sure to take care of yourself too. I take holy basil & rhodiola when I'm
      stressed. They're available at most health food stores.

      Please post back with more information. This is a great group!


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      > I just found out today that my best friend, Gretchen, has a heart
      > murmur, anemia, and an infection that they have not yet identified. I
      > don't know how to react to it. When I took her to the vet this
      > morning in what I thought was just something minor and maybe a little
      > bit of depression, they ran blood tests and found out all of this
      > other stuff. I am so overwhelmed right now. Nobody close to me ever
      > listens to me. I am hopeful that you all will have a little bit more
      > compassion and sympathy than people around me that I thought would
      > want to listen to me. I call her my "little black beauty." She is my
      > truest friend and will always be that way no matter what happens to
      > her. My deepest sympathy for all of you that are going through the
      > same situation because I know how much of a punch in the gut it was to
      > me.
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