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Re: [FH] Dilated cardiomyopathy- Kimberly's project

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  • Ruthie
    Even though an ultrasound s fairly costly, from $250 to around $500, it is your best way to go to determine what is causing the DCM. There are some DCM s that
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2006
      Even though an ultrasound s fairly costly, from $250 to around $500, it is
      your best way to go to determine what is causing the DCM. There are some
      DCM's that can be treated, unfortunately a VSD cannot, and the only way to
      know is through ultrasound.

      Butters is currently on:
      Lasix 1/4 of a 12.5 mg tab twice daily
      Spiro 2 mcg(? not sure of the unit) twice a day
      Enalapril .5 mg twice daily
      Potassium (Tumil-K 1/4 inch strip once a day
      VetriScience CardioStrength 1 capsule per day
      Coenzyme Q10 1 30 mg capsule per day
      Omega Complex 3, 6, 9 1200nit capsule 1 per day

      And lucky butters gets all these in a tablespoon of unsalted butter...boy
      does that make her happy...and one more reason for me to call her
      ButterButt, grin.

      The dosage of the supplements is not changed due to her weight (4.5 pounds
      is pushing it) but the enalapril, lasix, and spiro, and i think perhaps the
      potassium, are reduced because of her weight.


      Ruthie and the Pumpkin Patch.

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      > Hi Ruthie,
      > I posted this, or something similar, about a half hour ago. I think
      > it's somewhere in cyberspace.
      > Thanks so much for your reply. I was getting so totally discouraged
      > and depressed that I needed to know that we might have Otis with us
      > for a while longer. He's not an old cat. His twin brother passed
      > away on August 25 2006 from unresponsive-to-chemo lymphoma, over a
      > year after he was given just a few weeks to live. I hope that Otis
      > can also outlive the odds. No "wheezing" today, and just one spell
      > in the past week and a half. The spells only last for about 30
      > seconds, but it's quite alarming now that we know how sick he is.
      > Otis's heart was extremely large apparently. I wonder if he could
      > have a ventricular septal defect. I don't know if an X-ray would
      > show this. There was no apparent lung damage on the X-ray. The
      > physical exam showed no problems. The vet was relucant to do an
      > ultrasound due to potential stress. She seemed to think that he
      > could go any minute. He looks a big healthy happy boy. Both the vet
      > and my husband and I were shell-shocked at the X-ray pictures.
      > What meds and supplements are you using with Butters?
      > Once again, many thanks, I will sleep better tonight now thanks to
      > Butters.
      > Jean and Otis,
      > Lantzville BC
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      > wrote:
      >> Whatever you do, don't let the vets discourage you. Butters 2as
      > diagnosed
      > Jean Martin
      > Lantzville BC
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