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Re: Pharo Update...we went to see the Cardiologist.

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    Andrea, I m sorry you are going through this fluid problem with Pharo. Let me say, tho, that having the fluid inside the lungs is apparently easier to treat
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 7, 2006

      I'm sorry you are going through this fluid problem with Pharo. Let
      me say, tho, that having the fluid inside the lungs is apparently
      easier to treat (responds to lasix) than the kind of fluid we
      recently talked about with Monkey (outside the lungs, which just
      needs to be manually drained).

      Monkey's heart is huge, too, and at many times this summer, a number
      of vets listened to her heart and each time, they would basically
      look and me and say, "Boy, her heart does some weird things."
      (arythmmia). One vet told me one day, "Her heart is barely
      beating." But Monkey, as you know, just kept going and going. Now,
      as I told the group recently, the vet is hearing no arythmia and no
      heart murmur. So, I am just living in peace with her having a huge
      heart, and the next time they happen to hear a murmur or something,
      I'll have to take it in stride and know that Monkey's heart is going
      to do what Monkey's heart is going to do, but it's not necessarily
      the end of the world for her.

      I know it's weird and terribly frightening when the vets just cannot
      believe the cat is dealing with such a heart.....but remember,
      miracles happen here on this list (not just Monkey, lots of amazing
      stories)...and on a personal note....Monkey's heart has been huge a
      long time!

      I would definitely consider the Plavix over the aspirin if the vet is
      seeing a risk of a clot. Monkey was on aspirin for years before her
      two clots...so I don't trust aspirin. She's still on it, but also
      taking Lovenox like Sue's cat Pepper. My sister's cat takes Plavix
      and her cardiologist has given her the best news about it....he
      thinks the cat is out of the woods now for throwing a clot.

      Hang in there and write us anytime, we really do know what you are
      going thru, I mean, we KNOW!!!

      Meredith with Monkey

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "pharosmommy" <pharosmommy@...>
      Unfortunatley, the doctor told me Pharo still had fluid in
      > his lungs and we have to up the dose of Lasix to 6.25mg 3 times a
      > He said we will eventually have to go up to 2 whole pills 2 times a
      > day. The doctor just kept shaking his head. I started getting
      > upset. He said his heart is absolutley huge and it is not working
      > right. That's why he keeps getting the fluid. The doctor also
      said not
      > to give him as much fluid. He said not to put extra water in his
      > I am so bummed out. My heart is still breaking into pieces. My
      > cousin just lost her baby on Monday. He threw a clot and went into
      > CHF and she didn't even know he was sick. At least I still have the
      > precious days I have left with my little man. Thanks again for
      > everyones support.
      > (((Hugs)))
      > Andrea & Pharo
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