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Re: [FH] Junior not eating much

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  • Jen Gilbert
    Wow, thanks for the great info Rosemary! It gives me food for thought! Jen and Junior ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 2, 2006
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      Wow, thanks for the great info Rosemary! It gives me
      "food" for thought!
      Jen and Junior

      --- Savionna@... wrote:

      > Hi J,
      > In a message dated 9/1/06 11:26:08 PM,
      > ichiume1@... writes:
      > > He doesn't seem to be eating much and I wonder if
      > it
      > > has anything to do with the benazepril.
      > >
      > Could be. Synthetic medications can sometimes
      > depress appetite. If he's
      > really nauseous, there are gentle remedies that can
      > help soothe his digestive
      > system.
      > > Junior has never been a big eater but now he is
      > hardly
      > > touching his food. It could also be the new
      > low-salt food my vet has him on
      > > and I wonder if I
      > > should give him some of the old just so he'll eat.
      > >
      > Yes, I think that's a good idea. When a cat isn't
      > eating...then you can use
      > whatever he'll eat, within reason.
      > > Does anyone know of any good low salt
      > > canned or dry food (what he normally eats) other
      > then the Purina C/V?
      > >
      > Sodium restriction is not necessarily a good idea.
      > All cats, incl heart cats,
      > need a high-quality, species-appropriate diet with
      > high amts of high-quality
      > animal protein, moderate amts of animal fats, little
      > to no plant carbohydrate,
      > and 60-80% moisture. Dry food is problematic b/c it
      > is moderate to low in
      > animal proteins, moderate in animal fats, high in
      > plant carbohydrate, and low in
      > moisture (10%)...and the high carbohydrate content
      > can affect fluid balance,
      > which is not desirable in a heart cat. So it would
      > be in Junior's best interest
      > to eat a higher-quality meat-based food, such as a
      > grainfree or low-grain
      > canned.
      > These are the primary ingredients of Purina CV:
      > Liver, water sufficient for
      > processing, beef, ground yellow corn, fish. Liver is
      > not appropriate primary
      > source of proteins, in part b/c it's high in Vit A.
      > Liver is fine, as long as
      > its in *general proportion* to muscle meats. In a
      > typical prey animal, the liver
      > is about 3-5% of the whole animal. Beef muscle meat
      > is in theory a good
      > source of proteins (leaving aside the condition of
      > the stock animal)...but some
      > cats have an adverse reaction to it. Corn has no
      > place in feeding cats, period.
      > Fish is not part of the cat's evolutionary
      > diet...and, among other problems,
      > cause adverse reactions, in part b/c of a high
      > histamine content (depending on
      > species). So from an ingredient standpoint, this
      > isn't really a good choice.
      > Besides, 18% of calories in this product come from
      > carbohydrate...cats need zero
      > percent.
      > As for the sodium...Purina CV contains 0.20% by dry
      > matter. If you look at
      > the chart at
      > http://webpages.charter.net/katkarma/canfood.htm,
      > you'll see there
      > are various commercial foods with around the same
      > sodium content...so *if* you
      > need to restrict sodium (and I'm not saying you do),
      > then there are
      > higher-quality foods with better ingredients.
      > Junior may not want to eat the new food also, b/c
      > he's accustomed to
      > dry...and doesn't recognize canned it as food. So if
      > you decide to provide a canned
      > food, it might be a good idea to introduce it very
      > slowly. And to do it after
      > his appetite is somewhat stable again.
      > If you're interested in information on nutrition,
      > here are some articles with
      > relatively reliable information:
      > 1. http://home.earthlink.net/~jacm2/id1.html
      > 2. www.catinfo.org
      > 3. www.maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.htm
      > 4. http://rocquoone.com/diet_and_health.htm
      > 5. www.advancepetfood.com.au/nutrition
      > 6.
      > // Rosemary

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