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Re: Junior has a HCM and a Blood Clot

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  • protectanimals
    I was sorry to read about Junior s clot, but so glad that function is returning to that leg! My cat Monkey has thrown 2 clots, the first was to the front
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2006
      I was sorry to read about Junior's clot, but so glad that function is
      returning to that leg! My cat Monkey has thrown 2 clots, the first
      was to the front right leg, the second was a saddle thrombosis. So,
      unfortunately, what I do need to tell you is that Junior is at risk
      for throwing another clot. I would highly recommend you talk to your
      vet about an anticoagulant to help prevent future clots. Monkey
      takes Lovenox, which my vet learned about through the cardiologists
      at North Carolina State Veterinary School. Other options are Fragmin
      and Plavix. I would definitely ask my vet to research one or all of
      these meds and make a recommendation. Perhaps your vet could talk to
      NC State. I'm not sure if my vet literally talked to them or
      consulted on VIN (a web based site where vets consult with each
      other). Others on this list will recommend Nattokinase, an enzyme
      which has research showing it breaks up existing clots. There is
      information on Nattokinase in either the folder section or link
      section of this group, I cannot recall which. Monkey doesn't take
      Nattokinase cause her vet recommended against it in combination with
      everything else we were already doing. I respected her
      recommendation because Monkey was getting better on the meds she was
      already taking. If not, I would have had further discussions with my
      vet about the Natto.

      Please keep us updated as you can; I know you must be pretty tired
      and overwhelmed, if you are anything like me when it happened to us...

      Meredith with Monkey, a Miracle kitty

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "ichiume1" <ichiume1@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > last Friday my 3 year old ASH cat Junior stopped using his right
      front paw. I took him to the
      > emergency vet and they couldn't get a blood pressure reading on the
      foot and determined it
      > was a clot. The next morning my vet checked him out and he got a
      slight BP reading in his
      > leg and ordered a ECG. The results came back and his left ventrical
      wall is slightly thick which
      > caused the clot to form. I am happy to say that on Sunday he did
      start using the leg again,
      > though in a very limited way and it obvisouly sill hurts. I have
      been looking on the internet
      > for information on clots and everything talks about rear leg
      paralasis. Have any of you
      > experienced a clot in the front leg? Did it improve? This is all
      very new to me, in fact I had
      > never hear of any of this until last Friday.
      > My other question is about the meds he is now taking. My vet wanted
      to put him on Diltiazem
      > but it made him sick, larthic and diarrea. He is now on Benazepril
      as well as half a baby
      > asprin every other day. Has anyone else had this experience?
      > Right now I just want to make Junior as "normal" and as comfotrable
      as possible for as long
      > as possibale. Any tips on how to make this happen?
      > Thanks very much.
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