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Re: Charlie has a blood clot

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  • protectanimals
    Hi Stacie, Like you said, it s really good that you caught that clot before it could leave the heart. My cat Monkey unfortunately has thrown 2 clots. Instead
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2006
      Hi Stacie,

      Like you said, it's really good that you caught that clot before it
      could leave the heart. My cat Monkey unfortunately has thrown 2
      clots. Instead of Plavix, she takes Lovenox injections. Lovenox is
      an anticoagulant which is supposed to prevent clots, and my vet said
      from her research, it's thought that it may help break existing
      clots, too (and since my cat is still living and has use of all her
      legs again, I'd like to think she was right). Let's hope the same of
      Plavix. I do not have experience with Plavix, but my sister does.
      She was kind of in your situation with her HCM cat awhile back....her
      cardiologist saw something on ultrasound which indicated the kitty
      was at high risk for throwing a clot. Her cardiologist happened to
      be a primary researcher into the Plavix, so he put her kitty on it,
      and now ultrasounds reveal that there is not that risk any longer!

      I also have no experience with Nattokinase, so others in this group
      will have to tell you more about it. I do know that Lisa posted
      information on it in the files section, or maybe the links section of
      this group. I never used it because my vet recommended against it
      and my cat was doing so well without it, but if Monkey were in a dire
      situation and not doing well, I am sure I would revisit the use of
      the Natto with my vet. I do think you should check with your
      cardiologist before adding the natto. Even if the cardiologist says
      not to and you decide to use the natto anyway, at least you will be
      making the decision with every bit of information available to you.

      Good luck.....Meredith with Monkey

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      <sallyncharlie@...> wrote:
      > Charlie has a significant clot in his left auricle and mild
      > pulmonary edema. He told me Charlie's odds are 50/50 with
      > dissolving the clot. I am being optimistic because at least
      > gave me warning before a serious saddle thrombus occurred. Has
      > anyone had a clot and were able to dissolve it before it broke off
      > and caused serious problems? He is now taking Plavix, Lasix, and
      > benazepril along with his atenolol. I have to take him back in two
      > weeks to check his renal function and they will probably do another
      > chest xray. He wants to do another echo in 2 months. Any input
      > would be great....thanks ahead of time.
      > Stacie
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