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Re: [FH] Junior has a HCM and a Blood Clot

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Hi, Welcome to the group. It s very good that the circulation is returning to Junior s leg. Clots in the front legs seem to be less common, but also less
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006

      Welcome to the group. It's very good that the circulation is returning to
      Junior's leg. Clots in the front legs seem to be less common, but also less
      traumatic than ones in the rear legs or a saddle thrombosis. I know there
      have been people on the group that have had experience with clots in the

      There must be drugs that can dissolve clots but I can't recall what they
      might be. You may find some information by searching the message archives
      on the Yahoo group site.

      There are different classes of medications to control the blood pressure.
      Diltiazem (and Norvasc) are calcium-channel blockers. Benazepril (and
      enalapril) are ace-inhibitors. Atenolol is a beta-blocker. All do pretty
      much the same thing but in different ways. Often they will give a
      comination of these drugs such as a beta-blocker and an ace-inhibitor.

      Different cats have different reactions to the medications so if one doesn't
      work, they can try another. You can read about drugs, their uses,
      side-effects, etc on this site -

      Has Junior seen a cardiologist yet? That may be to his benefit.

      Meanwhile the best you can do is to keep him as healthy as possible with a
      good-quality canned food diet and supplements like CoQ10 to keep his heart
      and body strong.

      Please post any more questions - I'm sure you'll have a lot!


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      Subject: [FH] Junior has a HCM and a Blood Clot

      > Hi everyone,
      > last Friday my 3 year old ASH cat Junior stopped using his right front
      paw. I took him to the
      > emergency vet and they couldn't get a blood pressure reading on the foot
      and determined it
      > was a clot. The next morning my vet checked him out and he got a slight BP
      reading in his
      > leg and ordered a ECG. The results came back and his left ventrical wall
      is slightly thick which
      > caused the clot to form. I am happy to say that on Sunday he did start
      using the leg again,
      > though in a very limited way and it obvisouly sill hurts. I have been
      looking on the internet
      > for information on clots and everything talks about rear leg paralasis.
      Have any of you
      > experienced a clot in the front leg? Did it improve? This is all very new
      to me, in fact I had
      > never hear of any of this until last Friday.
      > My other question is about the meds he is now taking. My vet wanted to put
      him on Diltiazem
      > but it made him sick, larthic and diarrea. He is now on Benazepril as well
      as half a baby
      > asprin every other day. Has anyone else had this experience?
      > Right now I just want to make Junior as "normal" and as comfotrable as
      possible for as long
      > as possibale. Any tips on how to make this happen?
      > Thanks very much.
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