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Re: [FH] Blaze update - input appreciated!

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Shirley, If a CBC was done two weeks ago, I can t see the need to do it again so soon. Did you ask her which specific tests she needs in the CBC that aren t
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2006

      If a CBC was done two weeks ago, I can't see the need to do it again so
      soon. Did you ask her which specific tests she needs in the CBC that aren't
      included in the mini?

      I just had blood drawn yesterday for a CBC for Pepper. The last one was
      done 3 months ago and she seems to be having issues so it seems necessary
      for her.

      Norvasc is a calcium-channel blocker. Enalapril is an ace-inhibitor. They
      both do the same thing (more or less) in controlling blood pressure.
      Enalapril is NOT a diuretic. If she thinks it is, then I would be very

      Pepper used to be on atenolol (a beta-blocker) along with the enalapril.
      She had a reaction to the atenolol so they discontinued it and she's doing
      fine. So it may be ok for Blaze to discontinue one but lowering the other
      one seems to be a big change all at once - especially if her heart rate is
      already "too high". I'd sure want to have her blood pressure checked within
      a week.

      The amount of lasix Blaze is on is miniscule. Pepper gets 60 mg daily (20mg
      TID) although she weighs almost 14 pounds.

      I never heard anything about giving natto on an empty stomach. I looked it
      up on the Nutricology web site and they say "with or without food". Since
      they manufacture the product, they should know.

      Do you have a cardiologist or internist in your area? Even though they're
      probably more expensive, you would save in the long run with better
      experience and treatment.


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      > Hi all,.... We took Blaze in for a recheck a few days ago to the
      > internal med vet. She wanted to do another ultrasound but due to
      > Blaze being asymptomatic on the score of fluid buildup (and my
      > fragile wallet) I declined that. She insisted that she must have
      > blood work to which I agreed. I asked her if she could just run a
      > mini-panel mainly for kidney function but she said that a full CBC
      > must be run. Maybe it's just me but sometimes I get the feeling that
      > she just wants to run the bill up. It was only about two weeks
      > previously that the last full panel was done. How often do you all
      > have the full CBC run for your kitties? Then, she said that she
      > wants to see us again in about 2 weeks to see if her creatinine has
      > come down. I suppose that she will insist on running another full
      > panel. Sigh....
      > Anyway, the results showed that Blaze's creatinine had gone up from
      > 3.4 to 4.3. Very distressing.... Still a little anemic but not
      > enough to treat. Everything else was in normal range. So, due to the
      > rise in creatinine, she took Blaze off the enalapril completely and
      > had me cut down on the norvasc to 1/4 of a pill a day. Now, all she
      > gets is that, plus 1/4 of a 12.5 mg. pill of lasix per day and 1/8
      > of a pill of spironolactone twice per day. She felt that all the
      > diuretics were what had caused Blaze's creatinine to rise. She still
      > gets 50 ml. of subq's a day. Blaze's weight had been down to 5.3 lbs
      > and she had gained over 3 ounces since our last visit. She has been
      > eating much more heartily on her own but we are still assist-feeding
      > her a couple of times a day in order to get all the supplements down
      > her as she hates being pilled. She accepts them quite readily mixed
      > in with food. I was concerned about taking Blaze off the heart med
      > (enalapril) but the vet said that it was just one more diuretic. Do
      > you all agree with that? Blaze has been diagnosed with RCM so that's
      > a concern, or don't any of the heart meds help that type of
      > cardiomyopathy very much? The vet said that her heart had only an
      > occasional gallop but that her heart rate was too high.
      > Another question: I want to start Blaze on nattokinase but
      > everything that I've read about it states that it should be given on
      > an empty stomach, preferably with a window of 2 hours on each side.
      > I know that I can't get it down her by itself because she really
      > fights pilling and I certainly don't want to get her all stressed
      > with her bad heart. Do any of you give it 'with' food? Any ideas on
      > that score will be appreciated.
      > As usual, thanks a million in advance for your input on any of this.
      > Shirley
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