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Angels are watching over me

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Dear Friends, I am sitting here crying. Every time I press Send and Receive messages are coming through from Laura (Lucky and Kassy s mum). She is sending me
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2001
      Dear Friends,
      I am sitting here crying. Every time I press "Send and Receive"
      messages are coming through from Laura (Lucky and Kassy's mum). She is
      sending me all the messages she has on her computer that are condolence
      messages for my Pebbles. I lost the condolence messages when the hard drive
      on my computer collapsed. I had wanted to print them and create a memory
      book of all my e-mail friends. Tina (Bandit, Dami and Finnian's mum) also
      sent me the messages she sent me when Pebbles passed. Thank you my wonderful
      friends. I wanted to pay tribute to you publicly. You both have been a part
      of my old faithful group of supporters which has got me through so much with
      the illness and passing of my Beloved Pebbles and Sachie over the past seven
      Everyone on the groups has sustained me. I just have this overwhelming
      sadness that has enveloped me since I lost my Sachie in September last year,
      and now with losing my Pebbles, the sadness feels so deep. But I know that
      only one thing will heal me, and that is love. And you all have given me and
      are giving me so much love. People I have never met, and in most cases,
      never even heard your voices. It is so miraculous to me. God Bless you all.
      Laura and Tina you have given me hope, plus the idea to ask if anyone
      else has a message they sent me when Pebbles passed, could you please
      forward it to me. It would be so appreciated. And I can put together my
      memory book. I know Pebbles will always be in my heart regardless, but it
      would be so nice to have the messages again which I so treasured and read
      many times when the sadness overwhelmed me. Thank you my friends. God I hope
      this hard drive lasts okay till I get a cartridge for my printer!
      Actually, I think Laura will just about cover the hyperT messages! The
      messages are arriving thick and fast!
      Love, Voula.
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