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Blaze's results from the IM vet

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  • palacieone
    Hi dear folks, Well, let s see....The vet called me to relay the following results from the blood test. She said that they were all pretty good and that even
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      Hi dear folks,

      Well, let's see....The vet called me to relay the following results
      from the blood test. She said that they were all pretty good and that
      even though Blaze had been off subq's for almost a week, due to the
      fluid buildup, her kidney values had not gone up from the previous test.
      Her creatinine was 3.6; I had been terribly worried about that so the
      number was a wonderful surprise! She said, too, that Blaze is slightly
      anemic...something about something which I didn't get was 25% and that
      29% was low/normal. No meds for that for now....

      Also, no sign of cancer (thank God!). The fluid she sent for analysis
      had a "chylous component secondary to heart disease". She mentioned
      something about congestive heart failure which I'll have to ask her
      more about because I don't know if she meant that now Blaze's problem
      is that or the 'restrictive' one. She had me change from 1 per day
      dosing on the Norvasc to 2 times daily...same amount though. Lord, all
      these tiny amounts of pills are hard to split up correctly!

      Per my request to try spironolactone, she called in a prescription for
      that to my local Target pharmacy. She told me to cut back on the lasix
      to 1 per day and to give Blaze 1/8th of the 25 mg. spiro twice a day.
      Yes, in answer to someone's question (sorry I don't recall whom right
      now as I'm pretty worn out from all this stress), the vet did put her
      on 2-500 mg. tabs a day of rutin. Seems like a lot, I agree, but I did
      read on one website that one vet had put a kitty on 2500 mg. a day of
      rutin and that the chyle had gone away and never returned. Wow!!

      Blaze is still not eating on her own; we are still having to assist-
      feed her. It's funny; she seems to relish it, happily swallows it and
      even smacks her lips but she will not eat it by herself. Are any of you
      having to assist-feed your kitties? She does seem to feel better, walks
      around more and even let me put her on my lap last night, and stayed
      for quite awhile, for the first time since she's been so sick. She
      seemed to really enjoy having me pet her and scratch her in all her
      favorite places. That was wonderful!

      We have to take her back in Friday to see if the fluid has built up
      again. Of course, I'm praying that it hasn't (and doesn't before then).
      As usual, any more suggestions or thoughts will be dearly welcomed.

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