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Re: [FH] Diabetes and HCM

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Mauren, ... How high was the blood glucose? If it s consistently over 250 mg/dL, then it s suspicious. And if it is over that...and she s rapidly losing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Hi Mauren,

      In a message dated 8/1/06 4:30:56 PM, maurenemm@... writes:

      > The bad news was that she's lost 4 pounds and her
      > bloodwork indicates she might be diabetic.
      How high was the blood glucose? If it's consistently over 250 mg/dL, then
      it's suspicious. And if it is over that...and she's rapidly losing
      weight...starting treatment sooner rather than later would be a good idea, b/c the cat is at
      risk of ketoacidosis, among other things.

      Also, what does the cat eat (brand, flavor, canned or dry)? Diet has a direct
      and major effect on blood glucose.

      Any other values out of range? Thyroid? Liver? Kidneys?

      >   I need to get a urine
      > sample to them for further testing.
      That would be a good idea. You can even do that at home with Diastix or
      Ketodiastix (available OTC at most pharmacies). If you're consistently getting more
      than a trace of glucose in the urine, it raises the suspicion of diabetes.

      One other test, if the blood and urine aren't conclusive is a fructosamine,
      which gives an average glucose reading over several wks...and is not affected
      by stress.

      > Anyone have experience with a cat with HCM AND diabetes?

      >   Do any of
      > the treatments interfere with each other? 
      Not as far as I know. The better control of the blood glucose, the less
      stress on the entire body.
      > Poor kitty -
      > she also has a bad tooth that may need to be pulled (and maybe
      > explains the weight loss if it isn't diabetes???).
      Could be a contributing factor. A dental (or any) infection can also raise
      blood sugar. // Rosemary

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