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Re: [FH] pleural effusion, ascites, poor breathing

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Susan, Welcome to the group. You have a tough situation. First, please check out the organizations at this link. They exist to help people pay their vet
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006

      Welcome to the group. You have a tough situation.

      First, please check out the organizations at this link. They exist to help
      people pay their vet bills when their situation is difficult.

      Maine coon cats are very much prone to heart disease. It's strange that
      Ruby is only showing some symptoms. Pleural effusion is more difficult to
      treat than fluid in the lungs. My girl (also a MC) started to develop
      pleural effusion. She was already getting 60mg of lasix daily but it wasn't
      keeping her "dry". Her cardiologist added spironolactone and it cleared it
      up. Another supplement that can help is Rutin. The GNC brand is good since
      it has very few extras in the pills. Normally you would give a cat 500mg
      daily - preferably split into two doses. If she will eat it mixed in her
      food, that is the easiest. Otherwise, try mixing it with water and giving
      it with an oral syringe. If you don't have an oral syringe, you can get one
      at any drug store or maybe your vet will give you some.

      Why is she getting prednisolone? Long-term steroid use isn't always a good

      There are a lot of "hopeless" cases on this list who are doing fairly well.
      Let's hope we can add Ruby's name to that list!


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      > Hello all~
      > Other than high blood pressure, Ruby does not have heart disease
      > according to her last US. None the less,a member of both this group
      > and Ruby's CRF group suggested that her current life threatening
      > crisis could be better addressed here. To make her long story short,
      > Ruby is a 9 year old orange Maine Coon mix who was diagnosed with
      > CRF when she was 6.
      > She has done great with this. Had a decline about 6 months ago but
      > bounced back. Her numbers have even been getting progressively lower.
      > All was well until I noticed her breathing had changed in June.
      > Pleural Effusion was the cause and this collapsed a portion of her
      > lungs.
      > After Xrays, two ultrasounds, fluid tap, complete bloodwork, cytology,
      > triglycerides(which ruled out chlothorax) another fluid tap a week
      > later becuse she filled up again with fluids, more xrays,
      > cause of Ruby's pleural effusion and increasing ascites is a mystery
      > and a diagnosis is not on the horizon. Sadly, her belly feels like a
      > water balloon and she continues to breath abdominally respiration 40.
      > The lasix is not working. In contrast to this, she is eating very
      > well and continues to be affectionate and alert. She is a girl that
      > really loves life and she continues to be interested in everything
      > around her. A few days ago spironolactone was added to the lasix.
      > Seems she is producing more urine but her breathing seems about the
      > same. Vet feels taps are futile since she fills up again.
      > She said if there is not a change I should consider PTS.
      > (like she is drowning)
      > I wish I could bring her to specialists etc. but my resources are
      > minimal. As it is, I have sacrificed hot water for her medical care.
      > Would take cold showers all year if it kept her in my life.
      > I am heart broken and overwhelmed with grief.
      > There has got to be a way to remove these fluids.
      > Any insight or experience with this would be much appreciated.
      > Current meds;
      > lasix 1/4 to 1/2 X 1
      > spironolacttone 25 mg 1/4 X 2
      > prednisolone 1/2 to 1 5mg X 1
      > norvasc
      > pepcid ac
      > calcitriol
      > Thank you,
      > ~Susan and Ruby
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