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Re: [FH] Bob update and many questions

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  • Leah Ferron
    Sandy, Unfortunately, I don t have a lot of time to respond right now so I hope others respond too. My Alec had CRF, and the whole time he had it, his liver
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 28, 2006

      Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to respond right now so I hope others respond too. My Alec had CRF, and the whole time he had it, his liver enzymes were always elevated. This can happen from the CRF but it can also mean there is starting to be a problem. My vet wasn't sure if it was his liver or pancreas that was giving off the numbers that Alec had. The numbers worsened after the RCM diagnosis and the meds were started. At this point, those numbers may not be something you need to worry about. Bob's breathing should never be 110! That is way to fast especially if you are counting them during his resting. The highest normal count is 30 by most standards so Bob's breathing is more than 3x the normal! I would seek veterinary assistance with this problem asap. And ask about the temp.

      Leah and her cats and Angel Alec

      rablady <arkrabs@...> wrote:
      Bob Kitty who was dx'd w/ HCM (possibly early RCM) and CHF 4/7. The
      1st mo he needed 4 or 5 chest taps, but none after that. Last month
      he was breathing very rapidly and we took him to the ER. Though he'd
      started Procrit, his PCV had dropped to 16. While we were in the ER,
      he started open-mouth breathing and we opted for a transfusion of red
      blood cells that night.
      Mon he saw an IM vet who did bloodwork - PCV was 30, but we still
      haven't heard from her about the other results. Tech said heart rate
      was 150 (in the recent past it's usually been 180-220). BP was 140.
      The past week he's gotten considerably weaker and I know we're closer
      to the end, but I want to make sure there's not something we're
      missing. These are some of my concerns:

      Elevated ALT - Bob's ALT has been elevated for a while- 7/13 it
      was 274(29-186). He had an abdominal US in Feb or March to check
      kidneys but of course things could have changed. Other liver enzymes
      are normal. The specialist said she assumes it's because of his
      heart condition. Have you all seen similar increases in ALT (or
      possibly AST or ALK)? A related concern -when Bob went in for US
      recheck, the cardiologist mentioned feeling something in his abdomen
      (not sure it wasn't stool) and was going to look at the area after he
      checked the heart, but unfortunately he forgot to.
      I mentioned this Mon and the vet didn't feel a tumor; the intestinal
      wall just felt thickened. She didn't seem concerned so I wonder if
      this is fairly common?

      High CO2 On 6/23 it was 23(12-21) They forgot I requested to run it
      last time, so I'm not sure what it is now. Before the heart disease,
      it was lowish. Is anyone else seeing a rise and are you doing
      anything to treat it? His resp rate is rather often too fast as high
      as 110 or so and from what I read, hyperventilation can cause it as
      can the phosphate binders he's on for kidney disease.

      Fluid thereapy. Bob has fairly advanced kidney disease. Creatinine
      was up to 8.2 on 7/13. Is anyone on the list who's treating CRF w/
      CHF using anything other than Lactated Ringer's Solution?

      In the past, I've been concerned the heart rate wasn't controlled
      well enough. Is diltiazem usually effective in this regard?

      His temp was a little lower the other day(99), and I'm trying to keep
      him warm. I was wondering if you could tell me if there are other
      things I should be watchful for as he condition worsens?
      Any other ideas or suggestions?


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