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Re: Everything Happens for a Reason

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  • taloah2000
    I am glad things worked out well for you but I ll have to respectfully disagree. Sometimes sh** just happens. I don t think it was in God s plan for a certain
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2006
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      I am glad things worked out well for you but I'll have to
      respectfully disagree. Sometimes sh** just happens. I don't think it
      was in God's plan for a certain child I know of in the foster care
      system for example to be the product of father-daughter rape and
      herself to be raped by a family member before she hit second grade,
      for example. Bad things happen and they are NOT necessarily according
      to plan. Sometimes things come together beautifully and work out
      well...sometimes, they don't. There was no good reason for Dexter and
      Cameron's mama and daddy kitty (themselves brother and sister)to have
      kittens over and over - two litters died shortly after birth,
      Cameron's littermate has a clubfoot, and of course Dexter and Cameron
      were dx'ed so young with HCM. I don't think Dexter died when he did
      accoridng to some special divine purpose. **it just happened.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Bab006@... wrote:
      > I really understand this statement today GOD was there and he has
      a plan and
      > no matter what "Everything Happens for a Reason". My cat (Ellie
      not Sim my
      > heart kitty) was attacked by 2 pit bulls today while asleep on my
      > porch. I won't go into every little detail. But through a series
      of strange
      > events ... not getting paid for 9 weeks now, going to the bank at
      that time since
      > my sister had to loan me $1000 since I didn't get my paycheck when
      I was
      > supposed to, getting clothes out of the dryer, me having to go to
      the bathroom
      > at just that time, my dad coming home right then... I was able to
      save Ellie
      > and Sim was not in her place which would have been certain death
      for him. It
      > was very bad but nothing life threatening the emergency vet
      thinks. She was
      > in shock and has several puncture holes, broken ribs, a dislocated
      elbow and
      > severe bruising. But thank God things happened the way they did
      because on a
      > normal day Sim would have been asleep in that spot. I was getting
      > out of the dryer (because my other cat Taylor puked on my sheets)
      when I got
      > back from the bank when Sim walked by and he loves to lay on warm
      laundry so
      > he followed me and laid in the laundry when I went outside instead
      > following me out like he usually does to sleep on the porch. Not
      that I am pleased
      > that Ellie got attacked but Sim with his heart condition would
      have never
      > survived. Ellie is young and strong. These dogs appeared out of
      no where and
      > were on her before she could even move. I was outside by the pool
      about 400
      > yards away and getting up to go to the bathroom and saw something
      white being
      > thrown in the air on my porch. My dad just left his golf cart
      right there in
      > the perfect spot so I was able to get to her as quickly as it
      started. She
      > lost all of her claws. They are laying all over the porch and in
      the wooden
      > railing as she was trying to escape. I know cats being outside is
      > but I live very far out in the woods and my dogs never let anything
      on the
      > property. But they were with me away from the house. The pit
      bulls had
      > collars on so they must belong to someone but we have never seen
      them before. The
      > vet said that if a dog will attack a small animal like this then
      they will
      > attack a child. I don't know what to do, how to find them, etc.
      I am
      > petrified to go outside myself at this point, much less let anyone
      else out. I have
      > 6 cats and 2 dogs and they are driving me crazy wanting out, but I
      am so
      > afraid. Please say a prayer for Ellie tonight and Everything
      Happens for a
      > Reason even if we don't understand at the time
      > Bridget.
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