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IM Update-Would Like Some InPut (Long)

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  • moonpye
    Hi everyone. Sorry I took so long to write. We didn t get back till late yesterday afternoon, after having not such a wonderful day at the IM specialist. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2006
      Hi everyone.

      Sorry I took so long to write. We didn't get back till late yesterday
      afternoon, after having not such a wonderful day at the IM specialist.

      The IM specialist does not think Skylar has Hyperthyroidism because of his
      too low T4 numbers and first original High FreeT4ED. He heard a grade 1
      murmur which he believes is from heart disease. He and his assistant could
      not feel an enlarged thyroid, (though his other 2 drs. could) The only
      definite test is the thyroid scan which they do not do there anymore, the
      next closest one is 4 hrs. away.

      He had all the symptoms for Hyperthyroidism when we first brought him in:
      weight loss,
      excessive drinking, ravenous appetite at times, some day & night howling,
      and some aggressiveness. No nausea, vomitting or lip smacking, or GI

      So the IM spec. is only going by his numbers from the T4's. He is
      disagreeing with cardiologists diagnosis and echo report of probable Hyper T
      with his first heart murmur which was a grade 4 being contributed to and by
      HyperT. (Sigh)

      He thinks he could have something with his pancreas, GI, cancer, or his
      teeth that is causing him to lose weight. He said his teeth were bad and
      full of tartar (his other 2 drs. said he had tartar, but nothing of concern
      right now). He said he needed to have a dental cleaning because there could
      be something under the tartar like a hole or a crack that's causing him not
      to eat properly, (but he sniffs his food and makes an icky face and walks
      away like he's nauseous, not like like his teeth hurt). I understand that
      he could have possible dental issues but, why can't he be hyperthyroid also,
      if he has all the symptoms.

      Aren't they supposed to treat the cat not the numbers?

      While he's under anesthesia for a 1/2 hour for the dental cleaning he
      wants him to have a scope. $1,100 for both, not including the next heart
      echo he has to have for $500.

      *Is it safe for cats to go under anesthesia for a 1/2 hour who have heart
      The IM spec. does not think that the medications could be making him
      nauseous. Even though he lip smacks, makes peanut butter mouth, smells his
      food and walks away, gets a drink of water, then comes back to eat. He
      sometimes makes an icky face at his food like eewww,I don't like this at
      all. Sometimes his tongue flails when he eats or drinks water.

      **If this only started this after a month or so on the meds, wouldn't nausea
      and inappetance be contributing to his continuing weight loss?

      *Does this sound like strictly nausea alone?*
      *Or nausea and dental issues?*
      *Or just dental issues alone?*
      **He did not have any nausea or mouth problems prior to starting the
      Atenolol 3/31/06 and the Methimazole 4/4/06.

      He seems to be eating better on the Pepcid AC, but the IM specialist said
      that there is no possibe way for Pepcid AC to alleviate nausea, if taken
      before a meal, whatsoever. It can deplete the body of immune fighting acids
      or something like that.

      He wouldn't okay the SEB, without documentation from a noted source that it
      is safe and non toxic.

      He gave us Carafate and said this was the only thing that would work to
      control nausea, even though Skylar "cannot possibly be nauseous on his
      piddly doses of medication".
      (Sighs again).

      He has already had 2 doses of Carafate before his last 2 meals and he is
      eating less then when on the Pepcid. Does anyone know about Carafate? Is
      it supposed to work right away?
      Should I just add back the Pepcid AC 1/4AM & 1/4PM or just 1/4 or none at
      all? How would I dose the Carafate and the Pepcid to give him both?

      He wants to see his daily caloric intake for 4 days. He wants to see if he
      is eating a normal amount of food and still losing weight, or not eating
      enough food due to nausea or his teeth or both or something else. He wants
      me to get a gram scale and weigh every piece of Skylar's food that he
      eats for 4 days and chart it. (Easier said then done) . (Sighing again).

      So my sister and I have decided to try the most affordable and stress free
      option we have to for Skylar right now. We are going to start Transdermal
      Methimazole (less GI effects than the pills) and will see if he starts
      eating better on that and the Carafate. As for the Atenolol, the IM
      specialist will have to speak to the cardiologist and see if she wants to
      substitute it for another medication. The cardiologist will have to decide
      about both his medicines, I guess after his next echo which will at 4 months
      now late July, instead of 6 months. She would have to confirm that he does
      not have Hyperthyroidism. But what if she does that and takes him off
      Methimazole and all his HyperT symptoms comeback and he starts losing more

      For some reason, no one wants to believe that he can
      possibly be nauseous and have inappetance from Methimazole and Atenolol.
      Side effects of both these drugs say this, don't they? Even if he has
      something else like dental problems, why can't he still nauseous and have
      Hyperthyroidism with or without Heart disease? (Sighing Again)

      Forgive me, but am I not seeing something clearly or am I missing something
      all together.

      I will start measuring his caloric intake and see what that reveals.(Sorry
      to keep sighing)

      So, now were more confused about everything ,as if that were possible,and
      this visit just made it worse.

      Poor Skylar hated it there and had a really bad time. He was a 4 week old
      feral kitten when we found him. He's not good with strangers and very
      sensitive to his surroundings and pain. The asst. dr. was feeling his throat
      and pressing his esophagus and he started hissing, she said she must of hurt
      him, then she went to take his temperature and he freaked out hissing and
      trying to bite everyone.. The IM specialist became afraid to touch him. He
      can't handle all this and it's just so upsetting.

      Thank you for listening.

      I would appreciate your knowledege.

      Candace with Cinnamon and Skylar


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