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Re: [FH] Spiro and rutin questions, fluid, Monkey

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Meredith, Pepper gets a total of 25mg of spiro daily. She now weighs about 14-1/4 lbs. I tasted the rutin myself and it s nasty. The taste is very strong but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006

      Pepper gets a total of 25mg of spiro daily. She now weighs about 14-1/4

      I tasted the rutin myself and it's nasty. The taste is very strong but then
      sometimes cats tolerate things that we can't. You're supposed to give 500mg
      daily and that's one of those large pills. But I would try it anyway.
      Maybe if you mix it in something really tasty, it won't be so bad to her.

      Someone else posted on one of my lists that they were doing sub-q fluids
      more often with less at a time and it worked better.

      If she's behaving normally, then I would not consider euthanasia. When the
      time comes, you will know.


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      > Monkey is on 1/6 of a 25 mg. spironolactone twice daily....I know she
      > is on a very low dose of lasix due to her kidney problems, but can
      > anyone tell me if the spiro is also a very low dose? Do you think it
      > can be raised keeping the kidney issues in mind?
      > The rutin we had sort of ruled out to try for the chyle since it
      > would be a lot of meds to get down her for low odds of helping (25%
      > chance of helping cats whose chyle is known to be due to congestive
      > heart failure, and takes 2 months to work)! However, there is a part
      > of me that wants to clutch at that straw. My vet said she didn't
      > think it could be absorbed transdermally, so not to bother to
      > compound it. Does anyone have any experience with crushing it and
      > putting it in the food? How it tastes to a cat? Just a reminder, I
      > will not have it compounded into a liquid, I hate syringing anything
      > into her.
      > Last night I simply could not bring myself to give Monkey her
      > scheduled sub-q fluids. I know she is gaining weight, I fear she is
      > a sack of fluids, I just couldn't make myself put more into her. I
      > know she needs them to avoid dehydration, I guess I'll ask my vet if
      > I should do them or if I should give her smaller amounts more
      > frequently, like twenty-five ml's twice daily on the day she gets
      > fluids, or 25 ml's every day, or something like that. Or maybe
      > she'll tell me I just need to be brave and give them.
      > Monkey is still Monkey, what can I say. Still purring (she's
      > actually been purring/cooing lately when very relaxed early am and
      > late pm!), still cleaning herself, still running when she wants to
      > get away from something, still sharpening her claws, coming to me for
      > affection, doing her "business" normally, so it's just so hard to
      > make a decision with euthanasia. It's like....Monkey is normal in
      > every way except she fills with fluids. She handled the chest tap so
      > well on Friday, I swear it seemed no different than giving sub-q's,
      > just fluids going out instead of in. Because Monkey handles
      > everything so well, I cannot see her as suffering, although if she is
      > building fluids up so quickly, I know the body is having a huge
      > problem. I just don't want to have to euthanize her when she is
      > otherwise seeemingly normal, but also how long can I let this go
      > on????????????? (don't answer that!). These are the issues I am
      > agonizing over.....
      > Thanks....Meredith with Monkey
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