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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Linda, ... Is 12 lbs around his ideal weight? What does the cat eat (brand, flavor, canned or dry)? Cats generally tend to achieve and maintain an
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      Hi Linda,

      In a message dated 6/3/06 10:48:03 AM, vze2dvs7@... writes:

      > I will say
      > that he used to be a 17 lb. FAT cat and over the past year and a
      > half has gradually lost weight and now weighs about 12 lbs.
      Is 12 lbs around his ideal weight?

      What does the cat eat (brand, flavor, canned or dry)?

      Cats generally tend to achieve and maintain an appropriate weight for their
      frame when they eat the right amt of calories from the right sources. The right
      amt of calories is *about* 20-30 cal per lb of ideal body weight per day,
      adjusted for individual activity level, metabolism, age, etc. The right sources
      are a high-quality, low-carbohydrate, well-balanced, moisture-rich, meat-based
      diet that comes as close as possible to the nutritional profile of a typical
      prey animal.

      > I did give
      > him his Dilacor; I hope it's o.k. I gave it to him even without food.
      It might be a good idea to chase the pill with a little treat (if there's
      something he likes esp) or at least a syringe of water, so that the pill does get
      down the esophagus.

      > Do these sound like the signs like he is starting to have heart
      > failure?
      I can't evaluate that. But it could be that he's nauseous from the
      medications, which is not uncommon. Cats have very sensitive systems...and there are
      many synthetic meds that upset the digestion and contribute to inappetance.

      > I've had 2 cats with cancer, so I know how to syringe feed.  Would
      > you suggest I start doing that with Spooky?  I know they have to eat
      > or their system starts to shut down.
      If he's not eating at all, then yes, it would be a good idea to assist feed.
      Eukanuba Maximum Calorie has about 56 calories per oz, which makes it a more
      efficient product to syringe feed than Hill's a/d or regular canned food or
      baby-food meat...altho all of those work as well.

      Some cats will also go for general "assistance" when feeding without the
      syringe. Eg, some will eat tiny amts off the finger or a spoon...or when the food
      is topped with something smelly (eg Parmesan cheese or dehydrated fish
      flakes)...or when the food is warmed or soupy with some warmed broth. It's also very
      important to keep the whole atmosphere around the food as stressfree as
      possible, b/c the more anxious and disappointed we are that "He's never gonna eat,"
      the more stressed the cat is. When mine won't eat, I lie on the floor with
      them and makes lame jokes and tell them how much I love them and how yummy the
      food is and all the best cats get finger fed and I know they don't feel good but
      it's really important they try a little bit, blahblahblah...anything to keep
      the atmosphere positive, loving, and in service to the cat.
      > I would appreciate ANY suggestions you have. 
      Something to consider is that the cat is nauseous and might feel like eating
      again with a little digestive support. Something like slippery elm bark
      (available at most health food stores for like $5) can soothe the dig. tract. If
      you'd like to use it and need more info, search the archives or just post again.

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