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Re: [FH] Blacky died after fight update

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  • rn1durham
    The lawfulness of keeping a cat outdoors unleashed varies greatly! Especially in rural areas. And sadly, there are a lot of shelters that will adopt out
    Message 1 of 6 , May 28, 2006
      The lawfulness of keeping a cat outdoors unleashed varies greatly!
      Especially in rural areas. And sadly, there are a lot of shelters
      that will adopt out intact cats, insane as that is. My sister was
      shocked to learn that the small town she lives in has a shelter which
      has a high kill rate AND does not require spay/neuter for adoptees. D'oh!

      Amanda, people are total asswipes (pardon me) when it comes to
      animals. I remember years ago my mother stopped speaking to older
      relatives who refused to find a home for their cat when they moved.
      Basically, they turned the poor thing out into the snowy winter and
      forbid her to help. My mother trapped him herself after they left and
      found him a home where he is still very happy.

      My advice would be to talk to an ACO (animal control officer) about
      your situation, and encourage him/her to talk to your neighbors. They
      are usually very willing to mediate sitatuations like this, especially
      since the cat is aggressive. Find out if you are within your rights
      to trap the cat should he enter your property. As much as I love the
      idea of having him neutered yourself, it could make you vulnerable to
      legal issues. Turn him over to a shelter (or adoption organization)
      which DOES neuter.

      Good luck!

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Shannon" <shannon5@...> wrote:
      > It most areas it is illegal to let a cat outside if not on a leash.
      > have every right to take their cat and bring it to a shelter. And many
      > shelters will not let owners claim uneutered animals, especially cats.
      > Shannon
      > Daisy: Maine Coon mix, 4-1/2 years old, diagnosed at age 1-1/2,
      > HCM, 6.25 mg atenolol and 10 mg CoQ10 daily
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      > Subject: [FH] Blacky died after fight update
      > >I went to my vets today to ask many questions I still had in my mind.
      > > The vet said theres no mistake that Blacky died from a heart attack,
      > > which was probably caused by shock of the fight and maybe have
      been the
      > > shock of the neck bite. I have talked to my neighbours about having
      > > their male cat neutered, but they seem to want to ignore my advice,
      > > even when I said that their cat would have a high possibility of
      > > getting a serious illness from fighting. I think their cat is
      > > even just a week before Blacky died their cat suddenly jumped out
      at me
      > > and tried to bite my ankles for no reason, I warn all my students who
      > > range from age 3 upwards to avoid the neighbours cat if they see it.
      > > It`s really not fair, I know it`s my mistake that I should have
      kept my
      > > cats inside from a long time ago, but my husband would always say it
      > > was stupid and creul. I still feel bitter and haven`t greived probably
      > > as I`ve been busy keeping Silver chan happy and busy and making him a
      > > run outside but he keeps getting out of it! He`s alright on a harness
      > > though :) . If anyone has any ideas of how to convince my
      neighbours to
      > > ner their cat, I would appreciate it very much, Thankyou all for all
      > > your help and for putting up with me and my confusing mind, hugs
      > > and Silver chan and Angels Honey, Baby and Blacky.
      > >
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