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Re: [FH] Intro: help new diagnosis Hypertrophic Myopathy

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Christine, Hello and welcome. Leah wrote you a very thorough note. As she said, the veterinary community has limited knowledge and experience with heart
    Message 1 of 3 , May 3, 2006

      Hello and welcome. Leah wrote you a very thorough note. As she said, the
      veterinary community has limited knowledge and experience with heart
      disease. Please try to get to a cardiologist (or an internist) to get a
      definitive diagnosis and to get proper medication. The person who diagnosed
      my cat - while meaning well - did not prescribe the correct medications and
      it could have caused her harm in the long run.

      It sounds like she needs lasix and other medicines to control her heart.
      Lasix stays in the body around 6 hours.

      Find a Cardiologist - http://www.p4p.org/
      Find an internist - http://www.acvim.org/index.aspx?id=174

      It seems that a lot of people encounter the same reaction with their vet -
      that the cat is doomed and won't be around for long. My girl was diagnosed
      just over 1-1/2 years ago. She was showing symptoms for at least a year
      before that but nobody could figure out what was wrong. Although she
      continues to slow down and her heart is pretty bad, she still gets around
      and enjoys herself. In fact, she almost caught a chipmunk this morning!

      The weight factor is important. My Pepper weighed about 18-1/4 pounds when
      she was diagnosed. I had her on a combination of canned and dry food.
      Since joining this group and learning about feline nutrition, I have
      eliminated the dry food. Once I did that, she lost weight even though I
      never restricted how much she ate. She weighs about 14-1/2 pounds - a good
      weight for her. Dry food contains grains which are not good for cats. The
      analogy that I use is that feeding your cat grains and by-products is like
      feeding your kids soda and candy bars. They get calories but no nutritional

      As Leah said, be sure that the baby food you give her does NOT contain
      onions. They are toxic to cats.

      From your description, it sounds like your cat is doing better. If she
      wants to eat, then that's excellent!!!

      If you still need it, here's the link for the Yahoo Feline Assisted Feeding

      Someone also posted information on getting a cat to eat

      There is also information such as what to as the cardiologist and general
      information on cardiomyopathy

      And finally, here's an old post with information on feline nutrition and
      recommendations for good-quality canned foods

      If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to post them.


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      > Hello,
      > A friend on an art chat list just informed me that such a group as
      > this exists. I never dreamed that such a thing would exist but I guess
      > there may be a Yahoo Group for every topic? :)
      > I have a 10.5 year old purebred British Shorthair (female) who has
      > never been diagnosed with any problems in the past.
      > Right now the vet says she is dying and has probably 2 days left. Help.
      > Although this breed can be large, at 13.0 lbs. the vet said she was
      > overweight. For 18 months she has had trouble jumping up onto my bed
      > and never jumps onto anything higher than that. She has always been a
      > sedentary cat, dissinterested in playing. She is an indoor cat and she
      > is our only pet (other than aquarium fish). 18 months ago I had her
      > checked for the jumping problem and xray showed no arthritis or
      > anything else wrong so she was put on a diet change to me no longer
      > keeping a big bowl of dry food (Science Diet) out for her all day, but
      > giving her 3 measured portions during the day. Well, one other thing
      > she did vomit more often than typical. About 6 months ago we changed
      > to Iams and the vomiting stopped except for a rare hairball.
      > On Thursday 4/27 I noticed the food bowl looked like the same food was
      > in it (odd that it wasn't eaten up). I had seen this food there
      > before, I thought. I thought my DH and my sons were feeding her (as
      > they do if she meowed to indicate she had run out). When I checked
      > with everyone they said they had not fed her. I watched the food on
      > Thurs. and it appeared she wasn't eating.
      > On Friday 4/28 morning I weighed the food and put out fresh food in a
      > clean bowl. Six hours later she hadn't eaten a bite. I weighed her and
      > she was at 11.0 lbs. She is very puffy with the way this breed's fur
      > is and it was impossible to tell she had lost weight.
      > I took her to the vet Friday and we were there nearly 2 hours. The vet
      > said her heart and lungs were fine by exam. They drew blood and he
      > said the blood was pumping slowly, and it was odd, so he had to draw
      > her twice to get enough blood. Test in office showed high calcium and
      > nearly everythign elese was negative, no liver, no kidney problem. He
      > gave amoxicillin just in case she was fighting an infection. Her
      > temperature was a little low at 99.something.
      > I was told to feed her meat baby food. She ate just a tiny bit.
      > Over the weekend she got weaker and less active. She
      > acted 'depressed'. She purred a lot when I sat with her and unlike her
      > typical behavior she was happy to sit in my lap and be carried around.
      > She was kind of limping and could not walk more than 8 feet with out
      > stopping and laying down for a while. She was not eating anything and
      > would only drink water in tuna (not even drinking plain water).
      > I brought her back to the vet on Monday May 01. Another two hours and
      > this time an xray was done and showed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and
      > the xray showed fluid in both lungs and he said she was in Congestive
      > Heart Failure and would die within the next four days. She was given
      > nitroglycerine in the office and some fluids subdermally. She was
      > given Lasix (for 48 hours) and a heart medication. More blood was
      > drawn and sent to a lab for processing, this time.
      > She got worse on Monday, weaker and not making eye contact, etc. She
      > was doing little things like not caring if someone walked very close
      > to her where in the past she'd have jumped up as she was a 'scaredy-
      > cat'.
      > As of yesterday afternoon she was wheezing or making a weird/different
      > sound when exhaling while purring. Vet called to say blood work came
      > back and showed no other problem just the heart problem and that if
      > she didn't get to eating she'd die by the end of the week. I hate to
      > see her suffer and began thinking of putting her to sleep if she got
      > worse.
      > Yesterday/Tuesday she was urinating a LOT due to the Lasix and her
      > intake of tuna-water increased.
      > This morning someone from an art chat list asked if I was hand feeding
      > her. I didn't even think of it, the vet didn't mention it or anything.
      > He gives the impression it is too late and she will die soon.
      > However today she seems to be getting better. She is walking around a
      > lot more, all over the house now. She can walk longer distances and
      > doesn't need to rest. She is going up and down the stairs all through
      > the day. She is making eye contact and is responsive when I call to
      > her rather than ignoring me. She seems more alert and is looking all
      > around and just looks more 'bright eyed'.
      > I just tried hand feeding her using a baby spoon which is coated in
      > rubber (handy for feeding cats now that I tried it) and with lamb baby
      > food. At first I had to kind of shove it in her mouth and she ate it
      > but then she was licking it off the spoon. I gave her about 1
      > Tablespoon. A few minutes later she ate more off the plate on her own.
      > She is also drinking.
      > Please share your wisdom.
      > Is there a file about hand feeding cats? How much should I give?
      > (Why didn't my vet tell me to do this?!?!)
      > My grandmother/cat lover thinks hand feeding her will prolong her
      > suffering and that she should just be allowed to die or should be put
      > to sleep if she is suffering. THe thing is she doesn't seem to be
      > suffering, just acts lethargic.
      > Lastly, the last Lasix pill from the vet was given at 9pm last night.
      > I haven't called him yet but will do that now. I am on my way out the
      > door for a few hours. I hope someone reads this and can help me.
      > I was crushed to think I may lose her now. I thought her pampered life
      > and her breed's longevity of 15 years or more would mean she'd be with
      > us longer. I don't want to lose her. (The vet said this heart problem
      > is a genetic problem in the lineage of the cats so age doesn't matter.)
      > Thanks!! Christine
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