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Re: [FH] Ailing, elderly cat--food suggestions? A little OT

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Judith, In a message dated 4/30/06 8:34:21 PM, howdeeeyall@aol.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      Hi Judith,

      In a message dated 4/30/06 8:34:21 PM, howdeeeyall@... writes:

      << I've given him his favorite canned foods--Wellness, Natural Balance, etc.

      He acts interested but only eats a tiny bit. >>

      Acting interested but not being able to eat is often a more positive
      situation than having no interest in food, so that's good. Did the vet rule out things
      like dental problem, parasites, pathogens?

      << I gave him some cream today,
      and added probiotics, colostrum, and Seacure--just a little of each. Not
      cream either. He is having some diarrhea and I thought the additives might
      help that. >>

      They might help...so that was a good thought. But maybe the cream is having
      the opposite effect. And I'm wondering, too, about the fish proteins in
      Seacure?? (Dunno, just speculating.)

      Any possibility that he may have gotten exposed to something toxic (eg
      houseplant, detergent, insect)? Did the diarrhea come before the cream? Did it start

      << He is not eating any of the raw foods he usually likes, but I'll try a few

      more tomorrow. >>

      Are you trying raw food meals or just plain raw muscle/organ meat? Sometimes
      little shreds of plain meat (like turkey breast or calf liver) are more
      tempting than complex ingredients and easier for the cat to digest.

      << I may try some slippery elm tomorrow too, to soothe his digestive system.

      Sounds good. Some other options for diarrhea/digestive upset besides
      probiotics and slippery elm are Saccaromyces bouldardii (the yeast that works like a
      probiotic) and raspberry or blackberry tea.

      << Should I try giving him some watered down food with a syringe? >>

      You could. I'd also try finger or spoon feeding (some cats go for that) very
      small amts (like 0.5 oz) of a simple food (plain raw meat, plain goat-milk
      yoghurt or cheese, water-packed canned tuna or salmon, lightly boiled/poached
      egg, etc) every few hours. There's also Eukanuba Maximum Calorie and Hill's a/d,
      which some cats like...and they are relatively simple.

      << Real meat baby food? >>

      That's good. BeechNut makes meats in broth, whereas Gerber and Heinz have
      cornstarch (not that it's a big deal, but there is a slight difference). Our cat
      really liked the turkey and veal (I think beef and ham may be too much). It's
      easy to thin out and put thru a syringe.

      << Any other ideas? >>

      Hard to say without knowing whether there's some dig. system virus or
      blockage or something. But if the vet has ruled those things out, then you might ask
      him/her for some prefilled syringes of Vit B12, which is a gentle appetite
      stimulant and can help heal the gut.

      << I know that fasting is dangerous. >>

      It is, so if you can get some calories going in thruout the day, that would
      be good. // Rosemary
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